Souped-up Flash coming to smartphones

flash-gordon_still01Smart phones are going to get a hell of a lot smarter – with the implementation of new technology, they’ll be able to tell you when you’ve fallen asleep at the wheel AND microwave small portions of food.

Of course, that’s all a load of crap we just made up there. But high-end phones will soon be getting the full version of Adobe’s Flash software, bringing them a step closer to being as clever as real computers that you can’t fit in your pocket.

At the moment, 40% of smartphones have Flash Lite installed but the newest version of Flash, Flash 10.1 has been developed with mobile browsing in mind. Flash Lite will continue to be operate on ‘low-end’ handsets (whatever that means – ones with dried, encrusted blood on them?)

The new software will be available for Windows Mobile, Palm webOS and desktop operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux later this year, while versions for Android and Symbian are expected early next year.

Of course, the iPhone won’t be joining in with the party – the phone doesn’t support Flash and there are no immediate plans for that to change although Ben Wood, director of mobile research at analyst firm CCS Insight, told BBC News: "As momentum builds, I think Apple will have little choice but to embrace it. Watch this space."

Woooohhhhhh – fighting talk!


    The JesusPhone doesn't support Flash?!??! What?! I thought the JesusPhone supported every format going, including little known formats from the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 days! I want a refund!
  • Lumoruk
    Your iphone sucks now BOY!
  • kyalion
    iphones have always sucked, don't you know lumoruk ?
  • bykergrove
    Flash Lite will continue to be operate on ‘low-end’ handsets (whatever that means – ones with dried, encrusted blood on them?) WAT? btw i can't wait! hope opera mobile is the first to pick it up....
  • The B.
    Flash can't operate on the iPhone as it breaks Apple's t&c's, yet another reason I'm off to Android.
  • iPhone
    Apple is way too proprietary. This is why I avoid buying ipods and iphones. I hear they're planning on making a games console next... probably cost double what Sony asked for the PS3 and probably won't support anything like blu-ray. In fact it might just blow-up like their iphones.

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