Sony Satio withdrawn by Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U

Satio_preview Sony Ericsson’s new Satio smartphone has been withdrawn from sale by both Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U following ongoing software complaints by users of the handset.

Scores of Satio users have been griping about ringtone issues and frozen screens since the phone was launched in the UK at the beginning of October and Sony Ericsson now seem to be responding to the problems, announcing that they are: “giving this matter its utmost priority and working toward solving it.”

It has been reported that the phone is crashing when users try to switch between applications and there are also reports of ringtones disappearing. The glitch will prove to be a massive blow to Sony, who are struggling in the smartphone race against the likes of HTC and Apple.

Orange and Vodafone customers with Satio handsets have been largely unaffected by the glitch - this is believed to be due to the fact that they have installed their own ‘skins’ over the phone’s OS, whereas other Satio owners have handsets with Sony’s own skin in place.

Sony have said that a solution to the will appear on their website as soon as it is ready.


  • Tom P.
    Banks WIN, pay back the money you scum.
  • Thomas B.
    yeah its probably because they use the same cruddy software as the w910i. 2 years and still no fixes to the crashes and freezes. SE phones used to be great... the reason they are doing badly financially is because their phones have gone down hill. Reasonable phones=more customers. LEARN!
  • Gunn
    Sony should be better at this than they are currently showing, if they don't pick it up soon they will be out. I was gutted when they left the Sat nav unit as they made a good few units for being their first.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    I remember when the T68 came out - first phone with a colour screen and even a camera that clipped on to the bottom to take piccies... I was amazed that they could be so ahead of other phones - they were kicking Nokia's ass. Since then they have brought out a load of shite....
  • Darren
    I moved from the Iphone to this handset, its no Iphone beater... but its a great phone, the only major glitch is the slow reaction to unlocking the phone, they have the same style switch as the iphone... just very slow and the volume... very low volume levels for listening to music on... but all in all a great handset
  • Matt
    Makes a change that the usually gimped Orange and Vodafone software actually improves things!
  • The B.
    Is this the Windows Mobile based one? I'm waiting for them to bring out Rachael and then ditching the iPhone, hopefully it's less flakey than this as it's on Android.
  • Switch*
    I got hold of a Satio on Vodafone for my lady when it launched in October. Yes, there is a Vodafone "mask" over the original software but this is nothing, it is only a skin as stated above to make certain Vodafone orientated pictures pop up and menu options available. The phone has frozen once, but battery out and back in and it's all good again. Small price to pay when you consider that the Symbian60 software (OS) is also prone to this. Basically - it's not wholly the phones fault, nor SE. I was going for the iPhone 3GS in January when I am due for an upgrade, but having experienced the Satio I will most likely head that way, rather than having plebby Apple software and having to jailbreak the damn phone to get it to do anything vaguely resembling "sharing" through Bluetooth.... Plus Apple had to create OS 3.0 for the iPhone to get it to be able to forward messages in August or September!!! And yet people still rave about the iPhone.... And also, it's a small inconvenience when you consider that the phone is as advanced as it is..... Besides anything else, Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse are borked retailers anyway. Go direct to the networks instead.
  • mjpl
    I have yet to find a user interface or piece of hardware to compare to the iphone. There are some minor issues for sure, but when I had my nokia I sent files by bluetooth a couple of times a month at most, I have managed to overcome that issue. I imagine apple will resolve a number of these issue in the next patch. I doubt the phone itself has any real limitations.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I am happy that i own an iPhone 3gs, and not this silly phone in the article.
  • Jonathan
    I really loved the reviews of this product, and I went to Phones 4U in Derby to buy one. I was led along through the sale. The word 'recall' was mentioned, though I assumed it was not important as the sales lady pushed on to close the sale. Then they only had one product in stock which couldn't be turned on. She then tried to order one from another store and get me to come back the next day. I declined. I went around the corner to the Orange store, where a sales lady told me they were not allowed to sell this product because they had received 'endless complaints and product returns'. I was told by Orange the software is a mess and the product has been recalled. I love Sony stuff, and I'm really annoyed this product is a mess. I'm more annoyed with the pushy Phones4U sales trying to push through a sale on a product they knew had been recalled.

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