Snapchat gets new features, including ones that will cost you!

snapchat Hello there, fans of unsolicited dickpics! Snapchat news now, and there's some new features that might be of interest to you... especially the one that sees Snapchat asking you for money.

Now, some users will have done an update, and can't see any difference at - it seems there's some bugs in the system and that it might not work on all phones. For those who can, you can now do all manner of animations with your face. There's one where you can look like a zombie, and another one that will allow you to vomit a rainbow.

That's going to make some dirty photos interesting, isn't it?

There's also a trophy section where you can unlock arbitrary achievements, in return for... well... no-one knows. Probably nothing, other than the feeling of well-being or something. Or the inevitable creeping doom of having wasted your life talking to people who don't like you.

The most contentious thing included in the update is the new replay option. You can now re-run some snaps you've received, three times, for the price of 69p.

Snapchat say: "We introduced Replay in Additional Services almost two years ago, and we've used it to relive those amazing moments (or the ones we weren't paying attention to…) just one more time before they disappear."

"We've provided one Replay per Snapchatter per day, sometimes frustrating the millions of Snapchatters who receive many daily Snaps deserving of a Replay. But then we realized — a Replay is like a compliment! So why stop at just one? Today, U.S. Snapchatters can purchase extra Replays, starting at 3 for $0.99. You can use a Replay on any Snap you receive, but you can only Replay any Snap once. They’re a little pricey — but time is money! ;)"

So, it is only in America at the moment, but they'll roll this out worldwide, much to the annoyance of everyone who likes to have things for free.

Here's a video of someone's face doing horrible things.

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