Smartphones could be hit by simple SMS attacks

Your iPhone might turn into this

Computer security experts have claimed that a whole host of smartphones can be hacked with the delivery of a simple SMS message. iPhones can be affected by the hack along with phones that operate with Google’s Android or Windows Mobile operating systems.

Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner revealed the weakness at the Black Hat conference for IT security experts in Las Vegas and said that hackers could devise a program in a couple of weeks that could disable phones from their networks or even access files stored in the phones themselves.

The duo have already written software to exploit the frailty in Germany and the US, and have approached Microsoft, Apple and Google with their findings. So far, only Google have reacted to the threat.

Mulliner said that he and Miller hoped that publicising the weakness would force the companies to do something about it now before it is too late. He said: "If we don't talk about it, somebody is going to do it silently. The bad guys are going to do it no matter what."

Right, we’re off to bury our iPhones in a 20 foot-deep hole until this is all over. See you later.

EDIT: Apple have announced that they will be releasing a software patch to deal with the security flaw through iTunes by Saturday.


  • acecatcher3
    lol! these ppl who legally find ways of hacking programs etc.....are they paid alot of money? ie would a company like apple pay them a lump sum and say "go ahead, try to find a bug" ??
  • Andre
    luckily ive got a BB...
  • The B.
    How did you miss the fac tthat Apple have released a new iPhone?
  • sklep j.
    I needed the insight and here's where I observed it.

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