Skype redesigned for iPhone

skype Skype has had a redesign for its iPhone app.

The chatty visualisation joy of Skype, has introduced a new interface and has added a functionality that focuses on 'user conversations and chat'.

The design is apparently a "total re-write and redesign of the app" according to Skype creative lead Jesse Boyce and  "takes inspiration from iOS7, Microsoft’s modern UI design language and Skype’s brand equity"

'Brand equity' there.

This now includes photo sharing, and the ability to start a group chat.

The interface has been made simpler, features include Recents, Favourites and Finding people, users can receive IM messages offline, and they can see chats and chat history across devices.

Perfect for touring Northern comedians who like sexing people up behind their wife's back when they're feeling depressed in a Travelodge.

To show off the new Skype, Boyce created an 'awareness film' starring illustrator Kate Moross and Jamie Elliot of fabricators JAILmake who have collaborated by using Skype for iPhone to create a  Skype logo "to demonstrate the revamped product in a real world context" and "celebrate the handcrafted tech inherent in the product" he says, in a bid to spout as many branding-bollocks bingo keywords as possible.

There's a film on a microsite and sits alongside demonstration clips. Photographer Kate Booker has captured stills and video footage of Kate Moross and Jamie Elliot "to extend the story and narrative across all creative assets" says Boyce.


  • Kathy M.
    Want to be able to receive pics
  • Kathy M.
    My version of skype doesnt receive pics. I want to update to be able to.
  • Kathy M.
    I am having problems with this thing
  • Lewis
    Oh Kathy. This isn't the Skype user support forum love.

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