Sky to bring 'near live' Premier League highlights to Apps

ugly footballer Sky have got their hands on some new football rights, which will allow them to give out "near-live" highlights to all Premier League games across their myriad of digital platforms.

What does that mean? Maybe it'll offer highlights to people while the game is still running? Or maybe you'll be able to get updates with all the goals, almost as they happen? One thing you can bet on, is that it will cost you money as Sky don't do owt for free.

Sky says that this 3-year deal kicks off in time for the 2016/17 season, and will cover their mobile and online users.

It looks like News UK has chipped in with some of the money to pay for this, which means you could be getting video content through The Sun and The Times.

Sky Sports MD Barney Francis said "This will allow us to offer our customers even more content across mobile and online. The way people watch sport is changing rapidly and this agreement ensures Sky Sports will continue to offer the best coverage across TV, mobile, online and social media."

Paywalltastic, but could be right up the street of some people, that's for sure.

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