Sky+ iPhone app means you'll never miss MOTD again

Do you remember life before Sky+? Dark days, my friend, dark days. When you had to suffer television in real time, wasting precious hours watching programmes you had no interest in, just to kill time before The World's Strongest Man started? Do you recall ferreting through newspapers for details of your favourite programmes, or having to set a video recorder like a commoner?

No more. Hard-disk recording changed the way we consume televisual entertainment for good, and Sky+ led the mainstream charge. No more eyeballing crap of no interest - just flick through the EPG, set to record, fast forward through the ads - sorted. So what if it occasionally clips the end off your favourite show, or mysteriously forgets about the Series Link you added last week - the good far outweighs the bad.

When Sky released its mobile application for accessing the EPG a couple of years ago, it was akin to witchcraft. Now, an iPhone app that does the same doesn't seem nearly as impressive, but trust us - when you realise you've left the house without recording the series finale of 24, you'll be grateful.

If you haven't done so already, you'll need to set up an account at to use the app, and it'll only work on the iPhone and 2nd generation iPod Touch that has the v2.2 firmware update. The reviews for it so far are mixed, with several people reporting the app crashes constantly, but expect any glitches to be ironed out in future updates.

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  • The B.
    Or just do what any normal person does and simply download it from the web, I'm generally about 3 days out on most American shows that I watch (meaning I’m about 2+ months ahead of the UK) and let’s be honest, there’s very few UK shows worth watching but should I want to then I can download them too.
  • chrisg.
    TV Plus has done this for ages, with a very nice search engine that puts Sky+ to shame.
  • Simon
    Downloaded this earlier and have been very impressed thus far. No crashes and sent a recording request that was on the Sky box within 5 seconds... not that this will always be the case though I'm sure.
  • chrisg.
    It does take approx 5seconds to record - it comes over the air via the sats :)
  • wanker
  • Rash
    Yup @The Real Bob you hit the nail on the head. I download stuff whenever I want and watch it whenever I want. And burn it to DVD when i want. I don't even see the need for a TV anymore to be honest.
  • Bob
    It doesn't seem to let me download it on my Ipod Tocuh, even though I have firmware 2.2
  • Mike H.
    You will also never miss a chance that Chamberlains tits may just flop out for us all to oggle at, mmmmm, tits...
  • Jim
    Actually there *was* life before Sky+. It was called TiVo and was (and still is) streets ahead of Sky+. (also controllable via the iphone)
  • Paul S.
    "...and Sky+ led the mainstream charge" Obviously there was TiVo, but nobody would claim it went mainstream then or has done so since. For the vast majority of the country, their first experience was Sky+, not TiVo.
  • Mark
    Great to hear people are securing the future of their favourite shows by downloading them. Great stuff.

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