Sky Go arrives for Android. Well, some Android

Bitterwallet - Sky logo Non-iPhone-owning Sky subscribers who want to watch old episodes of Criminal Minds and British Basketball matches on their mobiles are in luck – that’s because the Sky Go app has finally made it to Android phones! Rejoice, etc!

Except the problem is that it doesn’t work on Android 4.0, the latest incarnation of the mobile OS. Oh and it only works on HTC’s Desire, Desire S, Desire HD, Incredible S and Sensation handsets along with Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 devices. Apart from that, everything’s groovy in the land of Sky Go for Android.

A Sky spokestype said: “We appreciate that the lack of availability on tablets and earlier versions of the Android operating system could be frustrating for some customers, but we are continually working on the Android version of Sky Go and to deliver updated versions. We are working hard to ensure we can support further Android devices, as well as the latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (V4.0) but there are a number of technical considerations.”

So, essentially, if you want the Sky Go app for your Android phone, don’t upgrade to Android 4.0. Nice.


  • Mike H.
    Surely, any self-respecting middle management cunt has the kit to go with their wanker lifestyle? SKY, iPhone, BMW/Audi?
  • Mr P.
    So Apple's killer punch in the PC world also counts for smartphones too then. The software is designed to work with the hardware; the hardware is designed to work with the software. Spin on that, Android.
  • Skymarshall
    Realistically, there is fuck all need to limit it to certain phones. Android platforms - fair play. But individual handsets = your coding is shit.
  • Hugh R.
    Bloody hell, the boys and girls over at xda-developers have cracked this app already. It'll now work on most decent android phones. They are still working on the root issue. Good work boys.
  • Lemax
    This really does have a touch of the can't be arsed about it on Sky's part.
  • Bazinga
    What Sky are hoping to achieve from certain aspects is a mystery. If you've got a stock phone that's not supported though, head over to xda and get the modified app.

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