Sky buys 02 - and everything else, including your mum

In his relentless quest to own every atom of the universe, Rupert Murdoch went to the shops this morning and bought 02 and BE (that’s how it works, right?).

Actually Sky have bought the broadband and landline businesses of 02’s current owner Telefonica, and will pay them £180m, with up to another £20m being paid once customers have been switched to Sky.
Sky’s takeover of 02 will make it the UK’s second largest broadband provider after BT, and win them half a million disgruntled customers in the process.

Sky’s broadband (which has been frequently criticised for being slow and rubbish) has been going since 2006, and this move will be one in the eye for that ginger beardy pom git Richard Branson, whose silly old Virgin Media will be now in third place in the broadband race.

Meanwhile, in his opulent lair, Mr Burns tents his fingers and says ‘Excellent.’


  • Lewis
    Its O2, not 02...
  • Stan l.
    Fuck , that'll be my broadband bill going up.
  • Jim
    Does this mean that my contract is null and void? It would break my heart to give a penny to Murdoch.
  • spyro
    As an existing sky customer but with BE broadband does this mean my bill will infact go down ?
  • M4RKM
    oh fuck. does this mean that sky are going to force me to use their shitty router... need to find a new provider straight away then.
  • Beaky
    No wonder BE weren't looking into fibre, to busy selling out. Glad I'm leaving next week now.
  • Murdoch's b.
    I've been with Sky pretty much since about 2008 not that long after they bought Easynet who had great customer service and feedback. My experience has been pretty much perfect ever since. The same cannot be said of my experiences with Talk Talk and BT who were a sack of shit and far more expensive. Hoping this won't change the quality of the service or the price despite it sticking in my craw to give money to Murdoch.
  • Captain W.
    Christ, I've just renewed for another year. On the one hand, at least it keeps me on £4.75 a month for unlimited unthrottled internet for a whole year before sky can ruin it. On the other, unlimited and unthrottled is no good if it's just fundamentally crippled by crapping sky hardware.
  • Avon B.
    Goodbye O2. Thanks for the nice service.
  • G T.
    wowowow - is the competition committee not looking into this? surely this is anti competitive and not in the public interest. On takeover they have to honour the contract you have. I would reccomend all take screenshots of current speedtest results and update it fortnightly... If your service is the affected you can produce this as evidence.... there may even be opportunities to have your contract nullified. if this goes through its a disgrace...
  • samuri
    im happy with the bearded pom, but having said that isn't there a takeover from a wanky yanky coming soon?
  • Sicknote
    Great a quick check of my contract and I can cancel if the contract is subject to major changes such as a change in supplier - I'll be cancelling my O2 BB contract when this gets started then.
  • liam
    o2 CS is second to none and free number to call on this will all go with sky and i bet we get CS from India & not UK as it is now
  • Liam
    I always got decent internet no problem when I was with Sky. Unfortunately I moved to an apartment where Sky TV was not available. At £180m and O2's 560k broadband, Sky have basically paid £321 per subscriber. They will need to convert a lot of those people over to Sky TV to make their money back as Sky broadband is more expensive that O2's. I think it's a backwards move for O2 considering that many other operators are going multiplay. Perhaps Sky is thinking of snagging those broadband subscribers for a future mobile product? They have been rumored to be buying Three for a while now. Sky could start up a mobile network if it wanted, but that would place a lot of risk and debt which it has just started to climb out of. They would be better launching a MVNO in the same way Virgin have done.
  • Han S.
    @Sicknote Didn't realise O2 did lanline broadband in Malta where of course you're a tax exile
  • Big M.
    On Sky broadband now ... TP Link router, oh and fuck sky's T&Cs.
  • brandon h.
    guess all those who were getting money off their new contracts for being on o2 mobiles will now be sodded. perfect chance for sky to offer discounts if you get tv packages with them.
  • Bob
    Don't forget Richard Branson sold Virgin Media... in the nick of time as usual then.
  • Idi A.
    @ brandon heat Correct. So farewell to my truly unlimited, unthrottled O2 broadband for £13 a month. And frankly I'd sooner even go to BT than give one single penny to Sky.
  • Professor S.
    I actually made a deal with O2, told them that I was leaving and they offered me free broadband for a year.
  • Captain W.
    @Prof Screwed Sounded good a day ago, now it seems people are getting free broadband plus £50 of O2 mobile credit. Bargainous! Gutted now that I renewed earlier this year for a paltry 50% discount ....
  • bigvern
    @ Professor Screw/ Captain Wank.... Exactly what I did,called up & said I was leaving & was offered 12 month's free broadband to stay,Ironically I was thinking of moving to Sky,wasn't offered any mobile credit tho...bugger! Well I was thinking of shifting my mobile to Vodafone anyway..
  • tin
    WOW £357 per subscriber, assuming a boatload of them don't cancel (like me). They must be planning to rinse the fuck out of them.
  • Sicknote
    @Han Solo Thanks for paying attention to my previous posts; my company is registered in Malta and I am employed in Malta hence the tax savings.
  • Clinton
    Im just waiting for a mate
  • Han S.
    @Sicknote Of course you are dear
  • MM
    Virgin are now in 3rd place? Well maybe they should start expanding their infrastructure rather than just staying put; I'd swap to them straight away if they could cable my area
  • sex m.
    I would happily pay for a Virgin if I could afford one.
  • colin c.
    when does sky takeover 02,i,m thinking of going with bt

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