Six penalty points for using mobile phone while driving

eating in the car Drivers who use their mobiles while driving could be getting slapped around the face with six penalty points as part of a Government bid to crackdown to stop people getting killed on the roads, even though statistically, people are always going to die on the roads.

The Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said he's going to weigh-up doubling the penalty points for those caught pissing about with their phones while at the wheel.

This is because the latest figures suggest that there's one road death per fortnight that is directly related to mobile phone use, which McLoughlin described as "absolutely appalling".

If the six point penalty comes in, that means you'd be banned from driving after two mobile-related offences. If you're a new driver, you will probably be banned after a single offence.

There's more too. The fines imposed for tweeting while driving could be increased too. The government are looking at getting the current £100 penalty and hiking it up to £150.

In fairness, no tweet or text is important enough to do while you're driving. It also stands to reason that the kind of people who think they're amazing drivers won't stop doing what they want anyway, because that's the way the world works.


  • God
    This needs a 10,000,000% increase in rozzer patrols WHO ARE WILLING TO ENFORCE THE LAW to work. During my school run (1.5 miles each way), yesterday, I saw multiple phone users, texters* and (I suspect), video chatters. I also noted that 5 out of every 7 van drivers were not wearing seat belts. *The number of drivers I see staring down into their laps while driving is becoming scary.
  • News P.
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  • Richard
    ironically the people who do this most have now become more dangerous drivers as they're staring into their lap now, trying to hide it, whereas before at least they'd be able to use their peripheral vision to see the road :-P
  • Mr M.
    @God 1.5 mile school run, why aren't your fat lazy kids walking this? It will take them half an hour at most.
  • Jerec
    @Mr Miagi Nob. Could be pre-school/primary kids!
  • Jerec
    Mr Miagi AND they could also actually be RUNNING like they said in the post!
  • Mark W.
    Someone still in the last Government's mindset has worked out that if they double the penalty points and increase the fines, they can halve the number of officers, or something, and the stats will (can be made to) look just as good.
  • Slacker
    Word. And Mr Miagi is right. Kids are fat lazy little fuckers these days. Their parents are usually even worse.
  • dave
    "Could be pre-school/primary kids!" point being? walk with them.... and if don't have the time to devote to bringing up healty kids or imo just time to walk them to school - dont have them. we wont miss a few hundred thousand
  • That g.
    100%.. Parents these days are selfish as.. They want to have a big family but don't want to bring up their kids right, I'm only 27 and I remember walking 2km to school everyday, and so did most of my classmates. my current girlfriend who is 22 lived less than 1km from the same school and was dropped off, and almost every kid in her grade was also dropped off. The traffic on the street the school is on is worse that peak hour going to work. How the hell does 5 years make such a difference? In my grade we had like 10 fat kids, in hers it was honestly about 1/3 of the kids were over weight. It makes me want to have 1 kid just make sure not to f#%k it up like every other parent out there who wants to have 3 fat little lazy kids to watch tv with and drive to school in their mini van.

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