Sit down for ten minutes and enjoy this new app

500x_poologhd It must be the case that hundreds of thousands of millions of bored iPhone-owning humans spend their sit-down toilet time idly perusing stuff and nonsense on their handsets while answering the call of nature.

A quick straw poll carried out in BWHQ suggests that, erm, yes, that is indeed the case. It must be, otherwise why would this new app have ‘app’eared, that goes by the name of Poo Log?

The App Store blurb roars: “Finally! What every iPhone and iPod Touch has been waiting for – the Poo Log, a digital timer and journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of each bowel movement." Finally?

The app gives you the opportunity to record and analyse all aspects of your daily chopping-off-Bungle’s-fingers performance. Size, shape, consistency, timing; there’s room for it all. Throw in a quiz that’s all about shit itself, and at only 59p, it’s almost too good to be poo. Er, true. Sorry.


  • Darren
    talking shit again....
  • PokeHerPete
    What is this I dont even
  • Phil
    This has to be the best app ever!
  • Amanda H.
    Wow thanks BW, turns out I have worms! I just thought those little wriggly white things were fox semen.
    Interesting, at last can find out where all the sweetcorn comes from?
  • The B.
    Which reminds me, sorry to anyone that caught a whiff of that belting fart I did on the train this morning (about 8:25 front carriage just before Clapham Junction going to Waterloo), it was pure brimstone, even I found it repulsive although I was still chuckling when the bloke got on at Clapham and loudly exclaimed "Jeeeeesus Christ".
  • Matt
    This would be great for Gillian Mckieth, or to use her full medical title, Gilliam McKieth
  • ACID
  • PaulH
    I was on the loo this morning and I think I accidentally the whole thing...
  • agatha
    The Bristol Poo chart is better - it comes with photographs. It's a bit like bird watching...

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