Siri won't tell you certain things, unless you pay for Apple Music

Siri Apple's digital assistant, Siri, isn't up for telling you certain things unless you're giving Apple money. It seems it isn't very forthcoming with answers if you're not giving Apple Music your quids.

What's the craic? Well, Pandora co-creator Tom Conrad (he's not got an angle on this, much) was messing about on a phone and found that Siri wasn't playing nicely when he asked it a question about the music charts.

Of course, the charts haven't meant anything to anyone in a long while, as they don't represent what people are actually listening to, but still.

As the pop-charts are part of the Apple Music app, if you ask Siri about it, it can't give you the answer because, presumably, it won't access the information from anywhere else.

You know - like the way it checks for information about enchilada recipes through search engines and tells you the latest score of a sport's game. Here's a screenshot of Siri being a dick.


[photo via tconrad]


  • PIe M.
    Dig a bit deeper into those pockets, Apple Tards!
  • Ian
    Just google it then, instead of talking to a non-sentient phone like a pillock?
  • Kevin
    Try asking what is the most popular song on Spotify. It takes you to Itunes!

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