Siri iPhone hack is a load of rubbish

You may have you seen the video, which claims that there's a super simple way of hacking into an iPhone without a password. If you haven't, watch this video, right now!

Don't worry yourself unduly though, iPhone owners.

As you can see, the video shows someone accessing Siri so they can check the time, and then accessing a page where you can buy more tones for your smartphone.

Tapping the option that pops-up takes you to the app store, and then pressing the home key gives you full access to the phone. It seems a bit frightening that someone can get into your phone that easily, right?

Wrong. Basically, you should be fine and the whole thing is a load of cobblers.

First off, Siri is programmed to recognise your voice, so unless someone who has stolen your phone can do an impressive impersonation of your voice, you should be okay. Secondly, if you've got fingerprint ID on the go, then your phone won't work unless someone has stolen your actual hand.

If you're still worried, copy what's being done in the video on someone else's iPhone and tell us how you get on. Your Apple device is pretty safe, don't fret.

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  • MM
    On 9.3 beta 5 it doesn't let you press "buy more tones"

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