Shootin' the breeze with Bill and Steve...




  • Jonny S.
    They make such a good couple...
  • Amanda H.
    I agree. Cant wait for the babies in the form of the iConsole.
  • Peter G.
    Laugh out loud. Thats funny cos its ironic, cos the iphone hasn't been tested properly due to its signal problem when holding it in a certain place.
  • Junkyard
    Heh, it's almost like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are having a conversation about the iPhone.
  • a b.
    ironic is that the next apple gadget?
  • Moss
    Whos a paedophile?
  • Milky
    Lucky they are sitting close enough to talk to each other without resorting to using the new i-phone else they'd be Fu**ed! It's not just the new iphone that drops calls / loses all connectivity the wifes i-can't-phone drops calls like an England goalie drops balls
  • Nobby
    Fancy chairs. Is this the diary room of Geek Big Brother?
  • Jack T.
    lol @ Nobby

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