Shock! As no-one uses Samsung's apps!

Samsung-Galaxy-SIII-007 While Samsung may be pleased with the popularity of their handsets, their apps are much less loved and used.

Anyone with a Samsung phone will know that they come complete with a load of apps that only serve to bloat away memory. There's voice-activated search, messaging apps, a 'discover' app and more.

With their messaging service - ChatOn - users are accessing the service for 6 seconds a month. Compare that to the 100 million active users on WhatsApp, and you wonder why Samsung bother.

Samsung have been studying their app suite and found that, on average, there's 7 minutes of interaction a month for their dedicated applications, compared to Facebook's 11 hours. And you can assume that a lot of people interact with Samsung apps solely to see if there's a way of deleting them from your phone.

Of course, this won't deter Samsung. They want to offer users things you can't get anywhere else, whether you want them or not. So you can assume they'll over-egg the pudding long into the future. Samsung phones have more pre-installed apps than their competitors, with the Galaxy S4 having 21 more apps than the average.

Seriously. Stop it now.


  • Liam
    Because stupid people buy Samsung phones. If you don't want the bloat, get a iPhone or Nexus device.
  • Han S.
    iPhone really? As long as you do what Apple allow you to do I'm sure it's fine, try to change something you want and you're screwed
  • Algernon
    Heh heh.
  • Noel
    You could always shove your shit iphone up your arse.

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