Selfies while driving - a new low

We’re a nation of dribbling selfie obsessives, so it’s no wonder that one in 14 idiots people say that they’ve taken a selfie behind the wheel. Because who cares about dying in a twisted metal fireball when you can take a picture of your face contorted into a surprised pouting expression that only your own warped mind considers attractive?
driving selfie

It’s also no surprise that idiots people between the ages of 18 and 24 are the worst selfie offenders. They’re also twice as likely to check Snapchat while they’re driving. In a survey commissioned by, one in ten admitted that they’d logged into social media sites at the wheel.

Laura Woods of driving safety charity Brake said: ‘This is a case of selfie selfishness. Using a phone in any way at the wheel dramatically increases the risk of crashing and killing or seriously injuring someone.’

NO S***

Excuse me while I go into the woods and scream ‘MORONS’ at the sky until nightfall.


  • MrMase
    Please someone get me a brick to hit these people with, not to be malicious; but as a last ditch effort to stop the stupid.
  • Slacker
    I only hope these mouth-breathers don't take anyone else with them when the inevitable happens.

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