Secret testing on new Apple netbook uncovered?

Bloody internet. Nothing is secret anymore. Although, if you had your money on any company being able to conduct covert activity online, you'd put it on Apple. They're clever and they're very good at keeping secrets until Steve Jobs takes to a stage to share them.

Or maybe not. The New York Times reports that a search engine insider has usage logs showing traffic from an unknown Apple product. How do they know it's new? Even a layman who operates a website can use Google Analytics or similar to see what type of browser is displaying their website. For example, if somebody views your website on an iPhone, you can see that your website has been displayed at 320 x 480 pixels resolution.

The deep throat at the search engine company has seen activity from an Apple product with a screen resolution higher than the iPhone or iPod Touch, but lower than a MacBook. One possible explanation is that Apple are testing a netbook to bully the likes of ACER out the market. Another is that that's all Apple are doing - testing - and it'll come to nothing. Boo.



  • Paul N.
    I read this and wondered if they are just talking about the browser agent string and resolution why could it not be someone running a hacked Mac OS on a PC sub-notebook?
  • Paul S.
    Just pretend it's a netbook, dammit! Do not rob us of our dreams!

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