Samsung to mothball customer services in the UK?

Bitterwallet - SamsungAn curious snippet of (so far unconfirmed) news dropped into the inbox overnight, concerning heavyweight Korean tech and household manufacturers Samsung:

Just dropping you a line to let you know that all of Samsung UK's customer service were being told at close of business today that they were being made redundant at the end of the month. All support will now be handled overseas. This totally came out of the blue as they were still recruiting even this morning offering a couple of people jobs.

We've tried contacting Samsung - their head office number in Chertsey has a 1-800 number on the website, and the number for customer support - which should have opened at 8am - is currently out of service. Obviously the information sent to us remains unconfirmed - if you know any more, let us know.

UPDATE - we've contacted a member of Samsung's customer support team; while they couldn't confirm timescales, they did confirm that customer support in the UK is being closed down, and all operations moved to Cairo.


  • william
  • Rob
    Good job I don't own a Samsung anything then.
  • Fella-Tio
    all call centres will be moved sooner or later, its good business sense but shit for CS. So if you have any probs with Samsung the person down the phone will be looking at the Pyramids whilst saying 'thank you please' and ignoring everything you say
  • PaulH
    Lets hope my TV doesn't break...touch wood
  • A S.
    My last encounter with Samsung customer services in Edinburgh was an experience I wouldn't want to quickly repeat. Ironically, it was left to a PCWorld/DSGi store manager to go the extra mile and sort out my issue (gave a full refund!). Sorry to hear the jobs are going, but, considering my expectations of Samsung customer services were already so low, I really don't see how Cairo can be much worse!
  • NellieIrrelevant
    Cairo? Are they serious? How long before we're getting nostalgic for the level of service we used to get from Mumbai?
  • The B.
    Not too bad as modern Samsung stuff is pretty well built (5 years ago they were a real Blue Peter operation though).
  • James E.
    What a bunch of Fakirs!
  • It s.
    I work for the IT and office equipment department in Edinburgh. We found out yesterday the jobs were going. The bosses have been hinting of loses for a few weeks and some (most) have now left the team for others in the Sykes group. We're all pissed off right now due to the samsung policies and their leaving the uk. We all expect service to drop a lot once offshored. It always does. A samsung CG8 employee.
  • Jack T.
    Well I won't be buying the Samsung TV I was planning to get at Easter then.
  • anon
    It is all true. People will be jobless at the end of it but Samsung procedures are rediculous. Products are great but cant believe they are follow suit like most other manufacturers and make us speak to foreign people who we cant understand and who are useless. Call centre staff at Edinburgh were always friendly with any enquiries and faults i reported. Samsung have made a big mistake and it will cost them a lot of customers
  • Fella-Tio
    I will think twice about buying Samsung if they carry o with this, Edinburgh call centre is very good and usually they understand English despite not speaking it themselves... however Egyptians probs dont speak it as well
  • Paul S.
    "Edinburgh call centre is very good and usually they understand English despite not speaking it themselves…" What language do they speak then, Fella-Tio? The operator I spoke to yesterday spoke English.
  • Chuck S.
    Everybody I've known that worked for sykes, hated it, specially the ones who have worked at busy samsung! You should all be very happy :) Redundancy is not usually preferred by companies so everyone gets a job, if not, oh well shaite happens and the business carries on, even in Cairo. Everyone has call centers somewhere else, just like they have factories wherever is cheaper to build consumer goods.
  • samsung s.
    I think this is absolutely a joke and i feel for all staff in this call centre. I think samsung need to have another look into this decision as i feel they will suffer in the long run. I will no longer be a samsung customer bring on the LG l9000 tv's.
  • samsung b.
    This news has not been confirmed to all employee's!!! Some still waiting on a call Let's hope they will start to admit the amount o shit Tv's they have made in there days... including the clouding i have on mine at this present moment! Will the admit for the clicking issue on AV websites?? Will it be sorted in Cairo? I doubt it, they won't have a clue! Never mind understand the UK customer's Well Samsung hope you kno what you are doing! I just sold my Samsung phone due to this news and i bet i not the only customer to do the same, The TV will be hitting my UE40B7020 on ebay soon folk ... happy bidding .
  • anon
    Clicking issue is now free for repair just call them and get it done free. I just had mine repaired :-) Edinburgh call centre staff were brilliant.
  • Shaz
    It's bad enough trying to understand the current Samsung staff (being mostly Scottish), but I hear the new call centre is in Cairo - that's just as bad as India, but with sand and camels - bad move Samsung - it's the biggest no-no in call centre etiquette to make us talk to foreigners
  • It s.
    >>>This news has not been confirmed to all employee’s!!! Some still waiting on a call All employees of the Samsung team have been pulled into meetings to discuss the issue. In the coming months we will all begin to be made redundant, or have the chance to move to another account at Sykes. I am also aware that this thread is being watched by Sykes, and that they are trying to trace the origin of my messages. Our team always attempted to do whatever was allowed to repair and replace faulty items. Yes there are some issues with everything now and again, but in all honesty there are no particularly "bad" items sold by Samsung(Excluding the shockingly bad BluRay gear.) Some devices had "click" problems and some had screen problems, but considering the quantity of kit out there there will be issues. The percentage of faulty kit is very low but the faults can still be counted in thousands. Samsung has some crazy service policies which annoy our team, just as much as the customer. In my 12+months here, I have seen some excellent service and support plus some poor support are per policy. Unfortunately we are not in control of the details so can only do as instructed. Mostly the callers were accepting of the service options, but a few would demand more than is reasonable. As a side note, it also appears Sony and Teleplan are also moving out of Sykes around the same time. A samsung CG8 employee.
  • billy
    I understand that your average call center employee in a Cairo call center is most likely to have a degree in either IT or technology related subjects - can the same be said for your average UK call center agent? While it sucks that some jobs may be lost from the UK you cannot blame companies who are under massive pressure to cut costs. Outsourcing has been around for years because UK based call centers cannot compete on cost alone and the services offered by call center providers promotes this type of behavior. i bet that the current supplier to samsung had made moves to quote for the new offshore business themselves thus stabbing their own staff in the back. The fact that staff there have posted here that some management had already jumped shipped before the announcement was made to staff would support that. At the end of the day as long as you get the right answers do you really care where the person on the end of the phone is ? - it is only they typical racist British mentality that harps on about speaking to "bloody foreigners". I know i would rather speak to a polite well educated person than some British call center where 75% of the staff couldn't care a less about helping you and it is likely to be an migrant worker anyway.
  • Bilbo B.
    I think the saviour for the staff will be the rapidly expanding o2 account which has been with Sykes for the past few moths. If the employees choose and wish to stay with the company there will be plenty of opportunities to move else where. Regardless of what any one says, its tragic that there will have to be redundancies given the current financial climate.
  • av t.
    I.T Tech >>>This news has not been confirmed to all employee’s!!! Some still waiting on a call this iis infact the case have a look around you and notice who is not on the floor and has been off for a while! dont get me wrong it should fall on HR to do the dirty work but some people are still aaiting a phone call ...i no the pulled one member of AV in for the meeting but others did not no
  • Paul
    Yes, also Sony and Teleplan are leaving. I'm a Sony/Teleplan employee myself. Sony is moving to Ireland, well to Sykes in Ireland, seems to be cheaper. We are leaving the building arround April/May. What we gonna do??? Nobody knows...maybe another job at Sykes...O2 Sykes sucks!!! CG4 teleplan
  • Sherral
    Oh great ! thats all I need. My Samsung 40' lcd tv has had it, been told its the logic board, sent it in for repair, and they phoned today to say that samsung no longer do that part unless brought with a screen part or something which will cost more than the tv cost in the first place ! I wouldn't mind so much but I've only had it for 18 months :( Ive got no chance now have I ?
  • Shaz
    I just spent half an hour yesterday trying to get thru to them on the phone. Then I was in the pub earlier and overheard some of their staff talking about playing Wii bowls. I joined in the conversation and turns out they all spent half the day playing Wii instead of answering their calls. Is this what samsung think of their customers - less important than a stupid game (but made by a much better company!)
  • In m.
    90% of Samsungs UK call centre transactions will complete the transition to Teleperformance Cairo as of 31st August 2010. The only UK based customer services function will be complaints, exchanges and service centre liaison and this will be handled by Teleperformance Gateshead.
  • More I.
    Well, im an ex Syker, and in touch with some of the guys out there in Egypt and now Samsung are at Cairo....and things are well on the right track. All the ignorant comments about camels and sand, you people have clearly never even ventured from behind your computer screens far enough to know anything about Egypt, the people or the level of service and commitment they offer. As for the wii bowls comment...after taking part in that event, it wasnt ANYTHING to do with people spending half the day playing the was an incentive put in place by the,admitidly, shite Sykes management to boost moral and keep 'service as normal'. The event consisted of a list of everyone that wished to take part, and they were scheduled their break in accordance with their slot at the wii bowling competition, so they werent even allowed time off the phone to do it. Additionally, they were allowed to play the wii on their lunch break, so this didnt affect service in any way at all. Im not pro Sykes by any stretch, in fact if i ever met Chuck id have more than a few choice words for him...i just cant be doing with people that get their facts wrong and have no idea of what they are talking about.
  • MattyF
    wished id seen this b4 buying my new samsung tv in sept. straight out of the box & not enough screws for attaching the base to the tv! iv been prety busy and only just got round to ranging the call centre, the strangely yank sounding guy was pretty abrupt when stating "and you've only just realised [the screws] they are missing???" well i said it was more than the [email protected] did who packed it in the 1st place! apart from this he dealt with the call quite well and said id get the screws in 7-10 business days which is pretty standard - i commented on where the CC was & he said Cairo, and it turns out he is half american, you have got to love how the world develops: A South Korean company, tv built in Hungary, purchased in England - missing part requested via CC in Cairo via a half Egyptian/half American! p.s. i have been lucky enough to go to Egypt (Sharm & Cairo) and it is full of sand & camels BUT it is also a lovely place! nice people too!
  • former-corper
    well said more informed. I'm former corp AV and have to say that Shaz is full of it. Playing wii bowls all day? 2 people at a time were playing this and more often than not they were from different departments. At the end of the day you cant really convince competant staff to stay on a sinking ship and those who remained to the end were effectively peeing into the wind as the new start temps outnumbered the experienced staff. Billy, i agree with you on the whole unnacceptable british racism but you are wrong about uk callcentre workers. When i was at samsung the biggest issue was that the policies meant we had very little leeway but still the staff, including myself, occasionally risked our jobs by advising the customers beyond what the narrow scope allows. I also work in another callcentre now and everyone i know does care about helping. The rare few who don't are the ones who give the rest of us a bad name. i just hope that your blanket judgemental statement doesn't mean you're one of the customers who still finds it acceptable to abuse call centre workers, uk based or abroad.
  • Bob
    My Samsung laptop drive does not work less than two years after I bought it. Although it is under warranty I cannot get Samsung to replace the drive.
  • d w.
    i will not be buying any more sumsung products after the problems with one of there shit phones
  • John B.
    I would never buy another Samsung product; the 'customer service' is a joke; but it ain't funny. I bought a projector in 2008 and have been trying to obtain a small, simple cable as the connector broke (poor design). After 14 months of emailing, phone calls and letters I am no further forward. Except I have a fat file of correspondence from people at Samsung who do not, or cannot, read my emails and keep referring me to outside organisations "where you will be able to obtain the part you need". Needless to say this is not true and I am now giving up. I notice their 'how wonderful we are' type slogan has disappeared from their website.
  • Mudge
    I hear that they are opening a call centre in North Korea? Service may improve, can't get any worse.

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