Samsung to finally lose the bloatware from Galaxy?

samsung One of the biggest bugbears with Samsung's Galaxy mobiles is the sheer volume of bloatware - pointless apps that are constantly being updated and never used, taking up memory on your device, which you can't delete easily.

On Google Play, most of the customer reviews complain about this very thing, but it might just be a thing of the past.

Of course, the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be filled with pre-installed apps that you invariably don't want, but now, Samsung are playing with the idea of letting you remove them.

Imagine that - a load of stuff on your phone, banished to some virtual netherworld so you can clog your phone up with other hugely useful things like photographs of your own undercarriage and 500 clones of Flappy Bird. Either way, the ability to easily rid yourself of these things would make for a smoother Android experience for users. And why is this being toyed with now? A new South Korean law has been brought about which says that all apps should be removable by users.

This could mean that Samsung roll it across all their devices, but there's the small matter of them making money from licensed third party apps and all that.

If they do it, it could be a small, but brilliant game changer for Android users.

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  • Chippy W.
    It isn't 'pre-installed' apps, it is just installed apps.

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