Samsung show off bendy mobile

Galaxy-Round-feature-380x285 Samsung will be the first phone manufacturer to launch a flexible smartphone, with a device that looks like the Galaxy S4, with the addition of a dip that causes the phone to curve along a vertical axis.

Now, the phone itself is rigid, so it won't be your flexible friend, but the contour is designed to fit the shape of your head.

Samsung said in their statement: "As a result of its unique curved design, users can take advantage of round integration experiences like the Roll Effect that enables user to check information such as date, time, missed call and battery easily when home screen is off, and the Gravity Effect for creating visual interaction with the screen by tilting the device."

"When the Galaxy Round's display is off while the music player is running, a short press to the left of the device will play the previous track while a short press to the right will play the next track. For pictures and videos, the Side Mirror feature enables users to gain access to list of the album content with a left and right tilt."

The Galaxy Round has a 5.7-inch 1080p screen that has an HD Super AMOLED display. The device is 7.9mm thick, weighs 154g, and has a 2800mAh battery. It runs Android 4.3, has 3GB of RAM, and a 2.3GHz quad-core processor. The smartphone also has a 13-megapixel camera.

Meanwhile, LG also announced that they'd begun mass production of the "world's first flexible OLED panel for smartphones", with Chief Technology Officer Dr. Sang Deog Yeo saying that it is "expected to expand further into diverse applications, including automotive displays, tablets and wearable devices."

So that'll be a phone you can actually bend in half? Who knows? It seems that the mobile market has plateaued and we're going to enter a world of gimmicky shapes alongside new wearable technology. God knows what HTC are going to do.

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