Samsung say sorry for exploding batteries

Samsung say sorry for exploding batteries

A member of the top-brass at Samsung has put out a video, saying sorry for the battery incidents regarding the new Galaxy Note 7.

"With battery cell defects in some of our Note 7 phones, we did not meet the standard of excellence that you expect and deserve. For that, we apologise, especially for those of you who were personally affected by this," said Tim Baxter, president and chief operating officer for Samsung Electronics America.

According to Baxter, Samsung have already exchanged 130,000 of the devices.

Baxter continued: "To be clear, the Note 7 with the new battery is safe. The battery cell issue is resolved. And this finding has been affirmed by a recognised independent lithium ion battery expert."

That's nice isn't it?

There's no mention in the video itself, that the battery made explosions happen, or that anything set on fire.

He did get a bit flowery though: "To those of you who love the Note, we will work every day to earn back your trust through a number of unprecedented actions."

What they're going to do to actually regain people's trust isn't clear, but it is nice enough that someone from the company came out and apologised for this nonsense.

You can see the full video by clicking here, or a slightly shorter one, below.

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