Samsung release swanky 3D glasses

swimminginthepond3d3D is the big thing on everyone's lips at the moment. Well. The big thing on everyone's eyes... you get the idea. Anyway, since Avatar came out and looked really exciting and fun, despite being a shitty cliche of a film, everyone wants in.

As such, Sky are getting on it and showing football matches in three-dimensions, so you can marvel at the weird geometry of Steve Bruce's nose or feel that you can almost reach out and comb Richard Keys' hands.

Of course, if we're all headed toward 3D, then we'll want to buy our own glasses (those Ray Charles standard issue ones won't be to everyone's taste) and Samsung are getting in on the act nice and early with a range of specs that could leave you looking like a 1950's secretary or some horrendous snow boarding dude.

The glasses, which you can see here,  range in price, starting at $149.99 and going up to $199.99. You can pre-order them at Amazon apparently, but the sensible thing to do is to wait until they go on-sale over here, which they inevitably will. Unless, of course, you think this is all a crappy gimmick to get us all to buy new televisions sets and are determined to ride it out for as long as possible for making the jump when everything drops in price (aka, When 'adult films' start using it).


  • LTQ
    3D is never going to take off as long as you need a $200 pair of glasses for everyone who wants to watch. Even if you get a couple of pairs with the set, you're still going to need a whole load more pairs for anyone who comes round. Also, they're dorky as fuck.
  • Drunkmonkey
    Wooo am I missing something here......
  • -]
    Yes, the fact that those glasses are for use with a PC.

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