Samsung, on the up?

Samsung on the up

Samsung have been on the ropes for a while, but things seems to be looking up for the smartphone and technology maker.

They've posted better-than-expected profits for the first quarter, thanks to the release of their new Galaxy smartphones. This follows the news that Apple reported their first year-on-year decline, when it comes to iPhone sales.

Samsung's earnings went up to £3.2 billion in the January-March period, which is 14% higher than the same time last year, with sales across the group going up by 6% to £30 billion.

While Apple may have peaked (but or clearly not in trouble), Samsung have grown thanks to the latest version of the Galaxy, with the G7 getting people's attention for being water resistant, and having expandable storage space.

One of the things that really impressed people buying mobile phones, was the price - it was cheaper than previous Galaxy handsets.

That's why the biggest quarterly operating profit came from Samsung's mobile division - it was up 42% from the same period in 2015.

As well as the pricier phones, Samsung also saw good profits from the lower end of their range.

Samsung won't be getting carried away with these figures, but Apple will be keeping an eye on things, as they won't want to get swamped entirely by Android.

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  • gabbyco

    I like Samsung what I don't like is the tracker on my phone which seems to record every single place I go too. It's like a personal big brother and I don't even know how to switch the thing off.

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