Samsung lacks touch of brilliance in the Windows department

Rolling out a global marketing campaign entitled "Touch of Brilliance" that relies on a tie-wearing acne-faced oik behind a counter to bother to re-booting a PC - it's precisely that sort of buffoonery the saying setting yourself up for a fall was invented for:

The pic was taken by reader Tim Cooper in the Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield. If you're curious as to why the photo quality is so terrible, it's because Tim took the shot on an iPhone. Boom!


  • Matthew T.
    I've seen big iPhone displays in O2 shops similar to this, with error messages on them. They were running OSX, though! If only I'd taken a picture (or, didn't have a girlfriend who tells me I'm a massive nerd for taking pictures of such things).
  • TJ
    It's quite likely the iPhone displays in the O2 stores are run from Windows machines, hence the error message. An error message on a Mac?! I haven't seen one in 9 years.
  • James
    Hey! Acne sufferers arent evil Its a horrible Condition!
  • tits
    isn't that just a bios boot screen? how do we know it is a Windows pc? could be Linux?!
  • Chris
    TJ, is that because you shut your eyes and say "LALALALALALA" out loud whilst blindly fumbling for the power button?
  • pauski
    This is a huge phone - it must be at nearly 2 meters tall. And used by people with giant hands. Can't see many sales for that.
  • Pure-Klenz
    you bunch of slags!
  • Nookster
    Hey TJ (where's the bass?), All the iPhone displays have mac mini's in the base, I've seen dialogue boxes once or twice, was bitching about no network connection or something from memory. Also one time where the res got screwed up and the demo video had shrunk into the middle of the plasma.
  • Giles
    Macs have errors if they're faulty - exactly the same as Windows computers (or any other OS) The hardware is indentical now...
  • TV' P.
    Mac's crash just like Windows. Oh and you see award bios screens all over the place. Bullring is birmingham have touch screen things, most of which are usually stuck looking for a hard disk on the bios screens, as are National Express' new station info points.

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