Samsung: Is the Galaxy love affair over?

samsung logo Samsung have forcasted a 60% fall in quarterly operating profits due to Galaxy smartphone sales slowing down.

The company reckons it should make 4.1tn ($3.8bn / £2.5bn) for the three months to September, which is considerably below the expectation of 5.2tn. Get your tiny violins out now.

The company will publish full financial doings later this month, and so that Apple can gawp at them and hopefully, everyone will start trolling each other, just like Lidl are doing at the moment.

The company's mobile division has been the one area where things have been really tough, up against the likes of Apple and Chinese smartphone-makers Xiaomi and Lenovo.

The Galaxy has been losing out to younger sexier cheaper models (as is always the way).

"Smartphone shipments increased marginally amid intense competition," Samsung said in a statement. "However, the operating margin declined due to increased marketing expenditure and lowered average selling price."

The company  claim they're in the middle of preparing a new array of smartphones, so if they get them right, they'll be back on track. If not, they might 'do a BlackBerry'. We'll keep an eye on them.


  • Mr M.
    To many different models being updated to often. Budget phones, like the Moto G, are that good it's hard to justify spending 5 times the money on a S5 or Note 3.
  • LD
    Think you'll find Samsung a well enough diversified conglomerate to survive :-)

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