Samsung Galaxy S5 to read your fingerprints

18 February 2014

LightningFingers Samsung are all set to unveil the Galaxy S5 next week and it looks like their new phone will come complete with a fingerprint sensor to unlock it.

The sensor will apparently work with a vertical swipe of the pad, while you keep your finger flat and at a medium swipe speed.

Basically, it is the same as the iPhone 5S from Apple.

S5-havers will be able to register their own fingerprint, as well as seven other prints (you could try a dog's nose or your nipple) and assign them to various app shortcuts or other tasks. There will be the usual PIN code if you don't like the idea of using your fingerprints or, indeed, don't have fingers.

Reports have said that Samsung are also looking at iris-scanning security technology, and execs at the company have confessed that they're looking into it, but alas, it won't be appearing on the Galaxy S5.


  • j.
    So, in fact, nothing at all like the iPhone technology and everything like your crappy old dell with a swipe scanner on it.
  • Noghar
    I have lots of Samsung kit and I am sure this feature will work every bit as well as the eye-scrolling, face recognition, voice activation etc etc that feature on all Samsung's top end phones. ie sometimes, usually not, and certainly not reliably enough to be worth using.
  • wonka
    Samsung Mobile can ram it after their shoddy S3/S4 untested OS update recently.

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