Samsung Galaxy S3 - where's the best contract deal?

Samsung-Galaxy-SIII-007 You may or may not know that Samsung have just unveiled their new super-cool Galaxy S3 phone, and it’s been very well-received by those who have had a play with it (not us – they didn’t let us near one, not after the last time).

But, in an attempt to prove that we’re not bitter, we’re happy to point you in the direction of a guide to the best S3 contract deals, as collated by avid HotUKDeals user faiz123.

Redemption deals and tariffs with low data allowances have been omitted, so get over to HUKD, have a sniff about and get your order in before the phone is launched at the end of the month.


  • Mike H.
    Cold - not an iPhone.
  • Abe A.
    Ugh, vile little phone, hasn't even got an Apple logo on it, how will anyone know I'm cool?
  • Mark
    Quick quick, someone give me an iPhone, I've just had a shit and I need something to wipe my ass with. (and yes, I will be using the iPhone, preferably iPhone 4S).
  • Joe D.
    Use a Nokia 808 PureView Mark. Great picture quality and sculptured to fit. Now that's what I call progress.
  • Jack M.
    £711.00 is the cheapest deal is it?? Fuck right off paying that kind of cash for a few upgrades from the S2 or a phone!! So WTF is worth £711.00 on this phone. Some one care to tell me?
  • Boomshaw
    This is the best phone on the market. Until the iPhone 5 is released.
  • Miss H.
    I let foxes fuck me.
  • Dino
    Any idea why the OP for that thread has been banned? Couldn't see any explanation on the thread, others asking this also.
  • Mike H.
    Hot - not an iPhone. Only cunts use iPhones and even bigger cunts post deals.
  • dvdj10
    It might have a nice screen but it still feels like a fisher price phone that you can snap in half. I'm a HTC man myself.
  • James
    You can also visit for more options there

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