Samsung Galaxy, now with hideous/cool keyboard!

Samsung have released a new phone cover for the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5, which comes with a keyboard, very much like the ones you've seen on BlackBerry handsets.

That's right - a physical keyboard that you tap your messages on. You clip it to the front of your phone and off you go, looking like a banker from 10 years ago. Once you clip it off, your phone goes back to being a touchscreen affair, just like you'd expect.

Have look.


Samsung showed this off at an event called Unpacked, and it begs the question - are there actually people out there who miss the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboards so badly, that Samsung needed to bring it back?

Is it really ugly and stupid, or is it a really wonderful add-on for some folk?

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ should be out next month and will have a 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, and that curved screen design so you can... well... do whatever you're supposed to do with a phone that looks like the screen has melted off the side. You can preorder one, if you want, from August 18th.


  • HKK
    Oh dear. I do like a physical keyboard but this is awful. Covers half the screen and has to be carried around separately. Why didn't they just make a flip-out keyboard for the back?
  • weenie
    I still love my BB keyboard!

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