Samsung 'fix' exploding batteries

Samsung 'fix' exploding batteries

You may recall our story about Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 devices being in danger of exploding.

Well, Samsung are doing a recall, and as well as that, they've announced something of a fix - but it isn't great.

Basically, they've issued a software update that caps your battery to 60%, so it won't overheat. So that's a device that you can't fully charge up, which is a bit crappy.

If you've got a phone that's being capped, and might explode, Samsung's solution is basically giving you a massive handset that doesn't give you the luxury of a long-lasting battery.

This update is going to roll out on 20 September, apparently.

Now, it looks like that this update will only happen in South Korea, as Samsung are happy that all the battery issues have been resolved in the replacement devices that are being shipped out to Europe.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see if Samsung have actually fixed this problem - we await another report of someone's Galaxy Note 7 going kaboom! and up in flames.

That said, apart from the whole 'exploding' thing, reviews for the Galaxy Note 7 have been very good, so Samsung need to get this sorted quickly, and they might have a massive seller on their hands.

This recall has seen Samsung getting $26 billion wiped off their market value, so they need to be swift.

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