Samsung announces ebook store from WH Smiths for Galaxy Tab

samsung galaxy tabThe Samsung Galaxy Tab launches in the UK on Monday, and despite the slightly outrageous pricing, here's one reason why you'll be wanting to down tools and buy it. Maybe.

Samsung have partnered with WH Smith for their equivalent of Apple's iBook Store, meaning the ability to buy thousands of eBooks currently available through the high street retailer's website.

The app will include special offers like the current 60% off selected top eBooks, as well as exclusive promotions such as the Richard and Judy Book Club.

“WHSmith are delighted to announce this partnership with Samsung, we’re confident that the combination of our bookselling expertise with their electronics innovation has resulted in an eBooks App which really adds value and meets all the reading needs of Galaxy Tab owners,” said WH Smith, rather obviously.

Samsung have also announced partnerships with Gameloft and the Financial Times for content creation - they just need to crack that pricing now and the public might look twice.


  • zacspeed
  • domestic&General=shit
    its a new kinda store ^
    Nice proof reading.
  • Andy D.
    It's the new, cool way of saying 'store' - everyone's doing it I've changed it back if you can't handle it....
  • Nobby
    No go for me. Still waiting for the Primark Tablet.
  • Noghar
    "The equivalent of Apple's iBook store" my arse. Have you read the reviews? WHS's idea of an ebook store is a total disaster, a woeful selection of material, a dreadful search engine and ridiculous prices. They clearly have applied the same imagination and flair to the project that is evident in their High Street stores, ie none whatsoever. Their stores are dingy, grim and stuck in the Eighties and only kept alive by a lack of competition and a regular clientele of clueless grannies - neither of which will help them on the InterWebNetThing.
  • Nobby S.
    So 500 odd quid for a device, then I can get cheap books. Sold!
  • Optimistic M.
    It's not a real ereader, so why bother doing this? Also a Galaxy tab is a bit of posh chocolate in my house.
  • korpse
    Will they ever create a device that has edge-to-edge screen? It's a big old black frame they've put round this thing.
  • dunfyboy
    So not only is the device overpriced, so will the books be. WH Smith are expensive compared to the supermarkets. Does anyone actually fall for their "buy one get, one half price" offers when you can get them both for half price elsewhere?
  • John
    Way too expensive for my blood. Grand Rapids Mortgage

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