Sainsbury's shopper shocked by checkout drone mobile quit request

Sainsburys+Store_200-1 It’s the burning question of the day here at Bitterwallet HQ – should you have end a mobile phone call in order to be served at a supermarket checkout?

Because that was what one Sainsbury’s customer was ordered to do yesterday. Jo Clarke was having a natter with a friend when she reached the front of the queue in the Crayford store in South London, only to be ordered to hang up by the checkout assistant.

According to some other source or something, the assistant told her: “I will not check your shopping out until you get off your mobile phone,’ refusing to serve Jo until she hung up.

Sainsbury’s have subsequently apologised to Jo and offered her some compensatory vouchers, adding that they don’t have a policy of refusing to serve mobile-using customers. All of that has come too late for Jo though, who says she’s a Waitrose customer from now on.

So then Bitterwalleteers – do YOU hang up from a mobile call while you’re at a checkout? Do you consider it bad manners to do such a thing? Or does your mum do all the shopping for you while you stay in your box room, playing at being a tough guy on the internet?


  • David D.
    I think it's the height of rudeness to be on your phone when going through the checkout. Interact, show some decency, make eye contact and smile.
  • Mof
    @David Dickinson - Well I personally think you are a bit of a cunt
  • LD
    Quite right. Height of rudeness - I just waited this afternoon not very patiently with the rest of a queue, and the assistant, while a girl blethered on her phone, fannied about with one hand for her purse, change, etc. Oh and - it's usually women - get ready, you know you've got to pay, IT'S NOT NEWS - so why not dig out your purse, all the discount vouchers, coupons, tokens, store cards, etc, etc, etc and be ready before the checkout ???
  • Cheesey
    Selfish cow.
  • The D.
    Height of bad manners! This really gets me pissed & as a retail worker I completely agree with the cashier. Let her feck off to Waitrose with all the other snooty folk!
  • jason
    Well at least she got compensation , my wife was left bleeding and with our crying baby in Tesco yesterday and she had to ring me for help. She gashed her toe on a metal refrigerator cover and asked for help but all the assistants on the counters just left her to find her way back to customer service , the assistant on the counter when I arrived just stood there looking at her she was crying and so was out baby my wife was pancaking due to the blood. I was upset and angry and asked to speak to a manager and get first aid this took another 5 or so minutes I have never seen someone treated so badly in my life , there was in total three assistants in the view of my wife and not one of them offered help.
  • jason
    nice trolling thanks ;)
  • Slippy T.
    Damn rude. Human interaction is becoming rarer to see in public. Mind you, it works both ways. Those fucking twats who manage to serve you without speaking once but hold a conversation with a colleague at the same time. Make sure you thank them as you leave for all their help.
  • Ollie
    I am a tough guy infact wallet. Pretty damned tough for a 13 year old.
  • Your s.
    @ MOF looked in the mirror lately. Think you are the cunt
  • digibanger
    gorra say I always try to interact and feel bad if phone is ringing while I am..... But it twists my tits when I've queued to get served and then a head appears from nowhere and I have to wait until they have finished a conversation.... Next thing the staff will be on their phones - its coming. Bottom line - be nice, not a cunto whether you are working or being the shopper the world would be such a better place. Jason - relax yes - but also sue tesco
  • Zork
    If the phone call is important enough then they will call back. If it is not important, then you don't need to bother others with it.
  • Avon B.
    She got a signal inside a supermarket?? Can't have been on Three then.
  • Monkeyhanger
    Not sure why everyone feels the need to be attached to their phone 24/7. When me and the lads go down the pub there is always the same one who is always on his mobile doing other things - stay at home if being on the phone is that important to you. He got a shock the other week when he got his Galaxy S2 dropped into a pint - 2 days before his phone upgrade was due. It killed him to go 2 days without a phone. What did people used to do with their time before they had a mobile? Fully agree with the checkout girl at Sainsburys, on the assumption she would always give the customer her full attention too. So the lass is going to Waitrose now? I think they'd be even less likely to put up with her doing exactly as she did in Sainsburys. I don't even have a mobile. Don't feel the need to be accessible 24/7. There is only one scenario where I think i'd really regret not having one - car breakdown.
  • Jerry
    RUDE!! It's really a rude thing to do, I always hang up if I have to pay something, it's just polite. Sometimes in small corner stores the checkout staff is at the phone also when serving, obviously also rude, but they are probably at the till for a 12 hour shift and can't get away, so at least they have some excuse. A bit.
  • Idi A.
    Quite right too. What's so important in this vacuous, self-absorbed woman's life that she has to be on the phone AND (judging by her photo) buy more pies simultaneously?
  • anon
    I also work on the checkouts in Sainsbury's and you don't know how many times I've come close to refusing customers service when on their phones. If it's an important call they will call back, it worse though if it's the customer that calls someone. Really annoys me more in the petrol station, you can use your phone in the kiosk but not on the forecourt. I told a customer this the other day and she just carried on talking on it out to her car. Just gave her evils as she left.
  • Justin A.
    "Or does your mum do all the shopping for you while you stay in your box room, playing at being a tough guy on the internet?" Not really necessary, was it Andy? You lose your readership if you take the piss out of them often enough. @Jason, if those staff aren't trained first aiders, they risk a further injury, staff disciplinary, a lawsuit, etc. if they help.
  • Mike O.
    Incredibly, it looks like we're mostly in agreement, get off the bloody phone you ignorant rude morons. @Monkeyhanger, yes i know exactly what you mean about the twat on the phone all night. Bloody stay at home if you're missing her that much.
  • jokester
    @Jerry In my local corner shop, the Pakistani couple who own & run it are extremely rude - they are always on the phone, they don't say please or thank you, they look at you like you are a piece of shit that they just stepped in and they don't even speak to you other than to demand the money. A while ago, I went in to buy a couple of things and paid the correct amount, but one 5p coin (out of over £8) said Isle of Man (or something similar) on it. It's still 100% perfectly legal UK tender but they refused to accept it. I had no other change on me so I told them it was legal tender and that they have to accept it, then started walking out. The owner followed me out into the road shouting "Don't fucking come back to my shop again!", so I responded "Don't come to my fucking country then!". I'm sure some of you will think that's racist, but I haven't got a problem with them coming over here (as long as it is to work legally and not just sponge off our benefits system) but when they refuse to accept our currency and treat UK citizens like shit, they really should just fuck off back home! Anyway, Jo Clarke was definitely being rude but it's not the assistant's place to demand that Jo get off the phone, especially as she is just an employee - if it was her shop, she can refuse to serve rude customers as much as she likes.
  • Reser
    @Jokester Think you will find there is no legal obligation to accept any currency, If they do not want to accept it they are perfectly within their rights not to. You however are not perfectly within your rights to walk out with the items when they have refused your money. That is verging on theft, they declined your money you leave with your money and go.
  • jokester
    @Reser Yes, I found that out afterwards. It's a daft law though - English shops should accept English tender. I paid in legal tender and they were just being gits because they hate English people (at least judging by their attitudes) - I don't care if it is verging on theft because the law is often stupid and badly thought out. I can cite many examples of this, for example that if a burglar injures themselves in your house, you are liable. Another example is that if an animal is in a lot of pain and won't make a recovery, it has to be put down but if a human is in the same situation, they have to be kept alive in agonizing pain.... Anyway, the court case would be interesting (once the newspapers got involved anyway) - "So, you paid the full amount in fully legal English tender then left the store with the goods and they had a problem with one 5p coin so now want to get you done for theft??? Case dismissed!"
  • Phil R.
    This comments section is now the worst of any site I use - even YouTube and that's god awful. Would like to say the Mods should get it in order but it looks like it's the Mods making half of the comments if the language used if anything to go by.
  • doober
    Phil R: offended, England are you?
  • shiftynifty
    Please update the FERAL TROLLEY OF THE`s kinda of getting fucking boring
  • JC
    @ Jokester Can I use coinage from the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man? The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are Crown Dependencies of the United Kingdom. They have their own legislative and taxation systems and issue their own banknotes and coins. These, in common with United Kingdom coins, bear the portrait of Her Majesty The Queen. However, they are only legal tender within the Crown Dependencies themselves.
  • jokester
    @JC - unfortunately, it appears that you are correct... Just because a genuine coin has the Queen's head on it and is in the Pound Sterling currency, doesn't mean it is legal English tender. How fucking stupid... Anyway, the same scumbag shop refused a 1p coin from a family member because it was dirty (like they commonly are since they have been around for decades)... yes, this may be their legal right but is clearly ridiculous and they wouldn't do it if they wanted their customers to be satisfied and to keep coming back...
  • Me
    @ shiftynifty I actually sent a new Feral Trolley in about 3 weeks ago. It (obviously) wasn't used and I never received an email, not even telling me to piss off.
  • Andy A.
    #firstworldproblem Get a grip - hardly compares to getting blown up in Syria or dying of starvation in Africa
  • BarcaJim
    I'm with the checkout operator here. i'm fairly sure that what has been left out from the customer's "ordeal" is fact she was probably holding up the bloody queue
  • Soapdish
    I did this when I worked the tills in sainsburys about 10 years ago. She was yapping away, when it was time to serve she waited at the end of the till and I sat there smiling at her. When she said to the person on the phone to hang on and ask me what I was waiting for, I told her I was waiting for her to finish her call. She apologised, hung up and off we went. Whats wrong with that?
  • B. O.
    Everyone on here is 1 step away from being Hitler.
  • Can't m.
    So, the fat bitch is just another entitled moronic whore who hasn't the common decency to behave like a normal human being. Sainsbury's should have told the walking abortion candidate to fuck off. Seriously, manners cost nothing. "People" like this should be executed.
  • Mike O.
    @shifynifty 'kinda' is a contraction of 'kind of' so putting 'kinda of' shows you are an utter moron.
  • fibbingarchie
    Checkout operator should have double scanned the odd item, as customer wouldn't notice until she got home and then would need to return to the store to sort it. Inconvenience caused, ha ha!
  • spyro
    Flex wit da herb
  • ed
    Disappointed that Sainsbury's didn't back their employee on this. Waitrose for me too now.
  • Big M.
    She looks shit for 26. Too many fatty treats from Sainsbury's, hope she gets bullied online as a result of this resulting in anorexia - which she needs.
  • maxtweenie
    Whilst it might be rude, the simple fact is that there is no common policy so everyone was in the wrong. They should stick signs in all their stores, but it has to apply to everyone including the assistant fruit and veg manager with delusions of adequacy trying to sound important. Anyway, what do you expect? It was Crayford, she was lucky not to have been stabbed to death by some care in the community retard while she was standing in the queue.
  • BW r.
    I am with the woman shopper on this one. Fucking idiotic checkout operator should consider themselves lucky that customers even acknowledge them, they are usually ignorant, greasy looking, sub educational, rude trash and we, after all are paying them their minimum wage. As for the 'journalist' responsible for this 'article', not everyone who frequents this poor excuse for an informative website lives in a box room. I am currently buying a house cash in the South East and all of my bedrooms are doubles and I am getting 3 toilets, one downstairs, one in the bathroom and one in the ensuite. If I used the cash to buy a property in the Midlands I could get 7 bedrooms and 2 acres but who would want to live in the Midlands? I do however agree that it appears that a large majority of trolls here live in slum like social housing and haven't done an honest days work in their lives! :D
  • Rubbermaid
    @maxtweenie: common policy? Common sense and fucking respect for others.
  • Can't m.
    ^This twat's buying a "house cash", whatever that is. Only three toilets? Poor fucking Tennants drinker.
  • Big M.
    ^ 'Sub educational'. Yeah they never seem to provide enough education, or educate or enlighten as I consider adequate. Good troll job though. Fucktard.
  • digibanger
    Jokester: "So, you paid the full amount in fully legal English tender then left the store with the goods and they had a problem with one 5p coin so now want to get you done for theft??? Case dismissed!” Clearly you have never tried to use a Scottish (100% legal tender) bank note in London! Phil R: Freedom of Speech on this site is ace - its the only one I fucking post on (for emphasis, calm down) Jokester: QUOTE: “Don’t come to my fucking country then!” Nowadays saying that will get you into more trouble than if you stole the entire content of their shop. Not agreeing or disagreeing but that is a racist comment and if you don't think so, well there is really no point discussing it with you - edl/bnp forums at www.......
  • Milky
    I'm with the checkout person, rude just to yabber on regardless, (queue behind her or otherwise). & actually walked out of Tesco ztore on wednesday reeling (no the dance) I encountered two yes TWO, helpful fuctioning bri-nylon clad employees of a cheery disposition! (normally the supervisors et al @Tesco Ramsey Cambridgeshire just look at you as if you are a shitheel). Always be polite to your bored cashier, some aren't necessarily the arseholes you think! (though they could do with upping the ante & learning from Waitrose staff). If I was behind rude woman io'd have backed the employee to the hilt, & told the whinging phone bitch to get a grip, ..lets all sit at traffic lights on our phones "because we're special" (indeed madam you may well be in which case perhaps your parents might reconsider aborting you even at this late stage).
  • Gabriella
    The shopper was rude. If you want to be anti social and disrespectful use a self scanning machine. Good on the shop assistant for asking her to get off the phone. A 26 year old wannabe that looks 47 years of age.
  • Gabriella
    Oh and for those of you saying she should have gone to Waitrose because they would put up with that sort of behaviour you are wrong. Waitrose staff own the company. I have never ever seen customer's behave in such a rude manner in a branch of Waitrose. This lady was rude. And now Sainsbury's are no longer disciplining the member of staff who refused to serve her. There are some good troll's on here. Just because someone works in a supermarket, no one has the right to abuse them or prejudge their educational level. Most of the retard's are the one's posting on here as troll's bar a few sensible comments. Though some of the comments are funny, like the walking abortion clinic.

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