I, Robot - run Android 2.2 on your iPhone 3G

Bitterwallet - Android 2.2 on iPhoneIf recent OS updates have rendered your iPhone 3G as much use as a tits on a window, then help may be at hand. Well, it's not really help, more a chance to screw about with your handset and entertain friends of all ages.

If you're confident enough to jailbreak your iPhone then you can enjoy the glory of Android, thanks to Bootlace - a programme that installs Android 2.2.1 Froyo on your jailbroken iPhone without connecting it to a Mac or PC. It's not just 3G handsets you can try this on - the original 2G iPhones are fair game, too.

Blog Redmond Pie has step-by-step instructions for converting your iPhone to Android - it's essentially as simple as downloading an app. And if your iPhone isn't already jailbroken, then there are links to several sites that'll talk you through the process.

Plenty of people have original iPhone and 3G models lying about, so it'll be a fun way to pass an afternoon and earn geek points in the process. It's Android? On an iPhone?? Weeeeeeeee!!!


  • Paul
    You get the worst of both worlds...
  • Darren
    A nice looking device with a good OS, sounds good to me!
  • PokeHerPete
    Paul, don't you mean worth of boast worlds?
  • Paul
    Yes, I DO mean the worth of boast worlds because in the world of boasters, not the biscuits...
  • Greg H.
    only problem is the iphone lacks a hardware menu and back button, which are a core part of the android UI
  • JC
    Who Cares??
  • Andrew
    @Greg H - That is a very good point!!
  • Bob
    The power button is the back button.....
  • Diseño G.
    I prefer IOS , i don´t like Android market.

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