Rumour - O2 data cap "will be 3GB", Blackberry remains unlimited?

Bitterwallet - O2 FAILThe gradual recession from idle boasts about unlimited data allowances to Fair Usage Polices to capped data tariffs has been an inevitable path.

Take O2, for example - in June the network announced new tariffs to replace unlimited data, in monthly bundles of 500 MB, 750 MB and 1 GB. These new data allowances are for all new and upgrading customers that have signed up since 24 June, and who have had a period of unlimited data since.

Except, well. Maybe it won't happen just yet. Or at all. We've received the following tip from an anonymous source that suggests O2 won't be actively enforcing caps on data usage anytime soon. We're told O2 are attempting to implement a system that will throttle a customer's data to just 14Kbps once they exceed their data allowance. However the system won't be ready for October, and more likely to be ready next year.

Instead, customers will be encouraged to buy a data bolt-on; at 80% customers will receive a SMS, and at 100% they will be told to check their data usage online and asked to order a bolt-on. According to our source, however, it's unlikely O2 will take any action unless a customer hits 3GB, at which point usage may be restricted.

In addition to this, our source tells us when O2 begins actively managing and capping data usage, Blackberry customers will be exempt as the O2's system cannot decrypt Blackberry APN data. In other words, any customer using a Blackberry will not be managed and will continue to receive unlimited data.

It sounds like O2 are keen to ensure customers are affected as little as possible, preferring to target those customers eating up massive amounts of data. Bitterwallet contacted O2 about the claims, but so far the network hasn't confirmed or denied the information.

UPDATE - an O2 spokesperson has confirmed that "as announced in June, our unlimited data promotion will end for consumer customers in October and our new data pricing model will take effect."

"We are introducing three tiers of data bundle that will give customers freedom to use data services as they wish (500MB, 750MB and 1GB). Customers will be notified when they have reached certain limits of their usage and will be given the option to buy an additional bolt-on if they exceed it.”


  • Liam G.
    The throttling was always planned! I remember reading this when i took out my new iPhone contract!
  • CompactDistance
    My T-Mobile Android data allowance is 3GB and to be honest that's more than you could ever want for genuine mobile purposes.
  • mm
    the worst 3g network
  • Dan
    Shame they didn't decide this (and I realise that there is no formal announcement) before I jumped ship to a different network specifically because of the 500MB data cap on the reasonably priced iPhone tariffs. Morons.
  • Nobby
    @compactdistance > My T-Mobile Android data allowance is 3GB and to be honest that’s more than you could ever want for genuine mobile purposes. It depends what you genuinely want to do. If you travel a lot and want to stream tv every night, then it is a genuine mobile use.
  • CompactDistance
    3GB is extremely reasonable for a consumer mobile data allowance, it will get you hours of streamed TV. If you use wifi when it's available I can't imagine why you would need more than 3GB.
  • Ian
    Dan = Moron
  • bushbrother
    So let me get this straight, I took out my contract on an Android phone June 14th 2010, I have the "Unlimited Data & Wifi" bolt-on and I have just checked, it still says unlimited. Are you saying that O2 will now shift me down onto a cap? Is this not then the same as what Voda did to everyone? Change in T&C = Free to leave? Or is this only to affect those who took out after 24th?
  • tfeb
    no you will steep keep your unlimited allowance. However what is likely is that O2 will start activly managing customers who abuse this. Even though you are on an unlimited tariff it will still be subject to a fair useage policy.
  • Wireless R.
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  • htc h.
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