Rude emoji - now a thing

Unhappy with the general election result? Generally unhappy with absolutely everything and everyone? Too jaded and furious to bother typing out insults as actual words?

Well, help is at hand as Microsoft has added an emoji that allows you to flip the bird with the greatest of ease via Windows 10. And here it is in action.

Middle-finger Emojis  Credit: Microsoft

According to Emojipedia, Windows 10 users will soon be able to give the middle finger to people through their mobile and desktop computer.

Emoji have been ever so cute and nice and it is about time they started reflecting real, adult emotions. The new emoticon even comes in all the skin tones (and grey, for you mobile-having corpses and aliens), so no race needs to go without the ability to insult each other.

We only hope that someone releases an emoji to replace the infamous 'eggplant' one, if you catch our drift.

There's no sign of whether or not Apple's iOS and Google's Android platform will join suit, but they should. For the time being, Windows 10 will be the only big player that allows you to be offensive to others. Someone needs to pull their finger out and get these working across the board.

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