A rotten week for Apple, iPhone 4 press conference tomorrow

So the latest news in the iPhone 4 saga broke last night; after a week of idle speculation from people outside Cupertino claiming Apple had no choice but to recall the new handset over reception issues, the company has called a press conference for tomorrow morning at 10am (6pm GMT).

It's not going to be a product release or update - Apple have confirmed the press conference concerns the blighted handset - meaning everyone pretty much expects to see either a recall announced or, at an outside push, some changes in management.

Bitterwallet - an iPhone 4 recall

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  • Mac C.
    Yeah and when do they do what everyone expects. Almost nobody serious expects a recall - that's a lot of noise coming from android and MS fanbois and has little connection to reality. And why would they call a press conference to announce changes in management?
  • Alexis
    Probably announce issue only affects small number of people, revised antennae now included in newly manufactured ones and you have the option of swapping them next month if you get your arse down to an apple store.
  • pt21
    @Mac Cox And that sounds like a cry of a defensive Apple fanboi. The only thing Apple can do to recover any credibility from this mess is a full recall. It's a design flaw that effects every single iPhone 4, what else can they do?
  • Ian
    Doesn't effect mine. No matter how hard I try.
  • milky
    the 3gs the wifes got has shit reception too, mainly no bars -through 1 bar... can rarely get a call through, compared to other mobiles on same network.
  • GB
    It's all publicity. Apple using the rumours of recall to their benefit.
  • PaulH
    What Alexis said... Although, if they do this wont it mean another supply shortage if all the people are replacing theirs
  • Umbongo C.
    i doubt they will do a recall. they will say they have a fix with the new 4.1 firmware, tell everyone that the £25 bumpers help and if people aren't happy they can fuck off. for the last bit they will probably say "one more thing..." and then waffle about the 28 day returns policy so you can take it back for a refund if you aren't happy, and if you don't do that within 28 days of friday then you have to keep it. you still get a 14 day cooling off period with o2, plus the 7 day DSR in the uk. worst case scenario is they offer to send free bumpers to anyone who complains, like nintendo did with the controller things, but i think that would make the people who spent £25 on them cry, so they probably won't do that i've never noticed the problem myself, but i've only made a couple of proper calls on it. as long as i can fart about on the interwebz and play games whilst pretending to do work, i don't care. i'm not going to stick a stupid bumper on the phone, but i'll take one for free if they are giving them out. i'll take anything if it's free
  • PaulR
    Look there is a far more simple solution for Apple. They should come clean, admit there is a fault. They should tell everyone and the press that it is a design fault and there is nothing that can be done. Then announce that this "loss of signal" is a feature. All the usual dumb Apple buyers will buy the device anyway. I mean lets be honest - the iPhone 4 could literally be a brick....made of brick material and the Apple lovers would buy it anyway. So Apple comes clean, tells everyone there is a "feature". No worries about false advertising, no worries about "not doing as described" because it will say on the box "Now with new signal drop feature". Dumb Apple buyers continue to buy it. Win/Win
  • Howard M.
    "If you hold it in your left hand you get this new feature 'a more straightforward life'. No reception means no calls, no texts, no Facebook, no Twitter, bliss. The same feature can be achieved by shaking the phone then chucking it off a bridge and diving after it"
  • Luke O.
    I bought my iPhone 4 last week, I never have signal problems, although I can force the signal to drop. It doesn't bother me, if they replace them, then i'll get it replaced, if they won't replace it, but bring out "fixed phones, then mine might accidently fall from my balcony.. Gotta love insurance
  • Morocco
    Umbongo Congo "i’ll take anything if it’s free" Even AIDS?
  • I'm m.
    Shouldn't that be a rotten iWeek? And an iPress iConference? I heard that Apple were going to buy Idaho so they could call it iIdaho and have a 'talk like a pirate day' so they could say 'iAye iAye iCaptain. And is it true that the Apple mascot is the lemur like 'Daubentonia madagascariensis' - known colloqually as the iAye-iAye?
  • Steve J.
    Will you all just leave me alone? I'm having a pesky, rotten week, and you lot just aren't helping matters.
  • Android M.
    Steve would a hug help, perhaps you would like a shiny new Desire so you can keep in touch with loved ones through this diffacult time.
  • ajsjdjd
    The first step to recovery is to adit the problem. Go on Steve repeat after me "My name is Steve and I have created a phone that doesn't work".
  • ajsjdjd
  • I'm m.
    * iAdmit - to be precise
  • Pete
    *Iprecise - to be Iprecise...
  • fra
    What a media lead palaver over practically nothing. Very few people are complaining about dropped calls or problems with reception. Every detailed article I read says the same thing, the attenuation issue (which all mobile phones suffer from) affects a minority of people in low signal areas. Every tech report I read suggests iPhone 4 has better reception than the 3GS. I know many people who have one and I don't know anyone who has a dropped call, and there are very few verified examples of people having dropped calls(there are lots of videos of people showing the bars drop on their phone when they touch certain parts of it, as there are of people showing the bars drop on other smart phones). Somehow certain parts of the media like to hype up Apple's "problems" but not those of other smart hone manufacturers. Just what is the issue with having a factual discussion on the problem(if it is a real one affecting use of the handset) rather than the emotive and unhelpful articles suggesting climbdowns and embarrassments. There are two things you can guarantee will happen everytime Apple release a product, some parts of the media go into orgasmic meltdown and others go into ultra sneering mode. Thankfully there is the sensible that looks at the product for what it is and allows peopl like myself to make an informed choice as wether to buy one or not.
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    If you look at this from a distance and TRY not to have an opinion either way, you have to admit that releasing a phone, that can't be held in a certain way is damaging for a tech company like Apple. And Steve Jobs' response that you should just not "Hold it like that" just serve to display him as being an incredibly arrogant man who truely believes that his products deserve to sell, no matter what. I have an iPhone 3G. I held off on getting the 3GS because I was waiting for the new one to be announced. I didn't get one on launch day and am now very glad. Today I put in an order for a HTC Desire. I am not interested in a brand, or an image, or a company. I just want the best phone. And I'm afraid the iPhone4 just isn't it.
  • Pete
    "And Steve Jobs’ response that you should just not “Hold it like that” just serve to display him as being an incredibly arrogant man who truely believes that his products deserve to sell, no matter what." Agreed, Main reason I completely disregarded the Iphone 4 from my list, I was ready to get one as an upgrade (admittedly I planned on waiting until the signal fault was corrected, but I was willing to wait) but not a chance when the director of a very large company decides to speak to his consumers as if they are retards. Imagine if BMW released a car that would turn off whenever you turned left and the director of BMW responded to all of the queries from new customers and reviews with "well, Just turn right isn't it..." I am actively looking at android handsets now purely because I see no future for apply with a narrow minded idiot dragging it to the drain. ShakesHeadSadly; Let us know how you get on with the Desire, Looks a pretty good device all things considered.
  • bwah h.
    All things considered being that it isn't an iPhone. Lets be honest the iPhone is the best device, once they sort their twatty attitude and admit the fucking phone part of the device doesn't work. Fucking cunts just fix the pissing thing so retarded left handed people like myself can buy one. At the moment you may as well get two plastic cups and a piece of string.
  • fra
    @shakesheadsadly, just what is the best phone? The HTC Desire doesn't score highly in many tests, also has attenuation issues (like all phones) just what does the 'best' mean? Does it matter how many bars your phone shows? Or is it more important that it works as a phone, internet, computing device? I've never understood why phones have bars supposedly showing signal strength anyways. I've had many phones from many companies over the past 10 or so years. Many times I've made calls with "no bars". Frequently I've seen the number of bars change depending where the phone was positioned and wether it was in a holder or my hand. The bottom line has always been, does it work, does it do what I want it to do? That information is being lot in the frenzy of signal strength and variances. This is a non-issue, it affects all phones. The best advice is to decide what you want from you handheld/phone device, then find the one that matches that best. If it's an iPhone get an iPhone if not then get the one that most meets your needs. Don't get caught up in the hype for an against one brand.
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    I have very simple needs. All I need a phone to do is make calls, browse the internet and use facebook. Oh! And I use an FTP and Samba app as well. To compare the two phones.... iPhone - Signal issues, (that my boss has just demonstrated to me on his iPhone4 that HAS bumpers!) mean that calls are unreliable and as I hold the phone in my left hand while browsing, facebooking etc, the signal issue is a big worry. And when spending that much on a piece of technology, you shouldn't have to worry about it working properly. FTP on the go and NetPortal are great. Though I did have to pay for them. Asthetically it is a thing of beauty, and that screen! Oooooh!!!!!!! HTC Desire - Phone quality is very good no matter how you hold it. The facebook app is not quite as polished as the one on the iPhone, but it's still very good. The browser supports flash (In android 2.2) so browsing is improved and there are a bucket load of free FTP and Samba apps. Add to this that it's cheaper and though it doesn't look as nice as the iPhone4 it isn't made out of glass (I am quite clumsy) so I'm less likely to smash it. Plus I can expand the memory as I see fit. (which won't be much so I'm not paying for storage I won't use) And finally, isn't the battery removable on a Desire? (I think so, but confess I didn't check!) Therefore, the Desire is an infinately better phone for me. And looking at it objectively, you have to admit, a better phone for anyone who has the simple needs of making calls and browsing. Which are not advanced asks for a smart phone. Maybe the press conference today will offer some hope, but for this customer, it's just too late.

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