Roaming charges are outdated according to EE

data_roaming The chief exec at EE is irritated by roaming charges and thinks the whole thing is "completely outdated" and that the EU is wrong to have them, meaning that Europe is falling behind everyone else, technologically speaking.

Olaf Swantee wants to get rid of charges for incoming calls in other EU countries by July this year and abolish all roaming charges by 2016.

"I believe that the enormous focus on just roaming charges is wrong. It is completely outdated. Clearly the industry, and I count myself in that, has had big issues in this space in the past, but nowadays it is much, much better,” Swantee said.

"The European authorities should be more concerned about the fact that Europe used to lead mobile telecommunications in terms of networks and new technologies, but now they are trailing Asia and the US. That has an impact on jobs and innovation, which is very important."

You may have noticed how far behind we all are with the 4G rollout. In North American, upward of 25% of devices are on the 4G network. In Europe, it is as little as 2%. In the UK, EE’s 4G network was described as "poor, but fast" according to independent research. Altogether, it is a poor show seeing as Europe was ahead of the game when it came to 3G.


  • moi
    it's not the incoming call charges that are so much of an issue - it's the extortionate prices charged for data whilst roaming that should be being abolished...oh wait...they make a fortune out of those don't they....
  • Peter
    We used to be so far ahead, that was when Nokia was leading the way - they had technology and innovation skills far beyond what other devices where available on the market. Now they turn out the same crap as every other phone company and we get swamped by ridiculous spectrum auctions which take far far far too long and cost a ridiculous amount. It's not a surprise we are behind, the technology is there and ready to go, but the guys in suits slow everything down.
  • UnhappEE
    What about data charges in the UK for starters... I overstepped the 500MB allowance on my contract this month without realising and have been billed £1 per day for the extra few MB per day I have used. I didn't get a warning text or anything. It's cost me £10 extra this month. Bugger.
  • Nads
    @ unhappEE. if you use more than 500MB than upgrade your contract rather than ranting on here
  • unhappEE
    @Nads I canny as it's sim only and they won't upgrade me til november and why can't I rant on here?
  • Nads
    @unhappEE because it doesn't help you. more fool you for not understanding your data usage
  • Alan
    UnhappEE why don't you call them, if you on sim only you can upgrade anytime or change to a new plan.
  • Reader
    Erm, you've completely gotten the wrong end of the stick here. Swantee said the focus on shrinking and abolishing roaming charges from the EU is outdated. He said they are already reasonable... Maybe you should re-read the original article?
  • insider
    "The European Commission is proposing to scrap mobile phone roaming charges across Europe as part of a raft of measures to reform the telecoms market." The above is from the BBC website dated 11 September 2013 so Mr. Swantee is pretending that it's his idea when in fact the mobile networks will be soon be forced to scrap roaming charges in Europe. This has been on the cards for a long time as roaming charges, voice, text and data, are a rip off as the actual extra cost to the UK networks is minimal. It won't be long until roaming anywhere on the planet will not cost extra, with the possible exception of satellite use, on board a ship for example.
  • article f.
    “I believe that the enormous focus on just roaming charges is wrong. It is completely outdated." Read that again and then realise you got the wrong end of the stick mof.

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