Roam if you want to – but Vodafone will charge you £2670

During a trip to the US, a British Vodafone customer was quite understandably astonished to learn that he’d racked up data roaming charges of £2670.

Of course, the customer in question, Tom Galanis, might be a weeee bit to blame, as he decided to DOWNLOAD iOS7 while he was abroad, after his phone froze. Thinking he was using Wifi, the phone signal dropped and switched to 3G without him realising. And as iOS7 is a data behemoth, he soon started to receive messages from Vodafone alerting him to the charges.

'During dinner, I checked in on the download/install,' he said. 'It was happening alright, but at some point the Wi-Fi had disconnected and the connection had switched to my apparently still operational 3G signal.

Two messages had appeared on my phone from Vodafone, partially alerting me to my impending doom. ‘You have now spent £270 on mobile data today,' said one.'You have now spent £495 on mobile data today,' said another. Gobsmacked, I pulled out the cable. I had paid 500 quid for something that was out of my control!’

In the morning, Tom received a text he says he will ‘never forget.’ He explained: ‘The single data session, totalling 888.051MB and lasting no more than 20 minutes had added £2,670 to my bill.’

Tom had no data cap and had opted out on a previous account in 2010, but after he wrote an impassioned letter saying he didn’t remember opting out - and Vodafone had moved him to a new account without alerting him to the option of a data cap - they decided to waive the charges.

But the message is clear. Don’t attempt to download MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DATA when you're abroad and then expect not be charged through the nose, you massive halfwit.


  • M4RKM
    I went on holiday to the USA for 2 weeks, and used 1.5GB of data.... my roaming bill was £0.00.. Why don't people research, and understand that there are bargains to be had....
  • Richard H.
    "A fool & his money are easily parted"
  • Tink
    Love the 'halfwit' comment - would of liked to have seen it in the headline!

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