Roam if you want to

Hurray! Brussels is planning to scrap data roaming in Europe next year, bringing an end to extortionate charges whenever you take your phone anywhere that isn’t the UK.


From July 2014, European networks will have to charge you as much to use your phone abroad as you pay at home. It’ll also put an end to that terrible moment when you realize that you didn’t turn data roaming off when you arrived in another country, and you have inadvertently spent £4000 looking at a map to find your hotel.

While the EU has put a cap on call rates already, Internet use on the continent can rack up some serious costs. The move will save British holidaymakers around £120 a year on extra charges, and as a result of the move, phone providers will reduce their roaming rates as of next month.

They're not too pleased about it, as you can imagine, especially as the plans will also open up the European mobile market, meaning that European providers can offer us cheaper deals. But it's good news for us, isn't it?

Equalité! Fraternité! And more selfies of people looking like red-faced beached whales on Facebook!

Oh bollocks.


  • daniel
    Do you have a source on that or any more details? Would unlimited data in the UK equate to unlimited data abroad or will they just start charging you per MB at the standard rate?
  • klingelton
    sources! pish! when did something as trivial as facts get in the way of a good story!
  • My v.
    @ Daniel I would imagine they would charge you domestic rates, so unlimited wont count nor will your inclusive usage, but data costs could be £5 - £10 for 1GB for example whic is a dam site better than where we are now
  • duck
    B52 reference woooooooo

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