Register multiple numbers on one phone

mobile apps Do you need more than one number on your mobile? Maybe you'd like to have your work number and personal number on the same handset? Maybe you're a drug dealer? Maybe you're cheating on your partner?

Whatever the reason, there's a new app you can have a look at, where you can register a bunch of different numbers on one handset, called Swytch. You can get yourself up to five extra numbers on your phone.

This app is available for both iPhone and Android, but there's costs involved.

If you download the app, you get 50p in credit, gratis, but after that, when you're using the app to make a call, it'll set you back 5p per minute, with calls to mobiles is 6p a minute. Texts cost 6p each too. Then, after six months, your free trial ends, and you need to pay £4.99, or £24.99 for the year.

Of course, you could just set up different free messaging services on your phone with different emails or whatever. This Swytch thing seems like it is answering a question that Bitterwallet can't properly work out.

Anyway, this might be of use to you, so we'll share it all the same.


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