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reddit-icon In a bid to help free newspapers find 100% of their articles more quickly, Reddit have launched their first native app for Android and iOS. Meanwhile, idiots like us still can't make head or tail of the whole thing.

This new app is available in the UK, as well as the US, Canada and Australia - everyone else is going to have to wait a few months.

Hardcore users of Reddit have been using the Alien Blue app for a while, but now, Reddit are getting serious and have had the app built by a guy called Jason Morrissey. Reddit bought the Alien Blue app last year, but in February, decided to delete it from the iOS store. The app is still available in the paid-for form, and is still usable while this new app gets rolled out.

It seems that Reddit want more people using their platform, and earlier in the week, showed off a new tool which hopes to protect its users from abuse and harassment, basically creating a 'block' option for people who are irritating you (or worse, of course).

Reddit VP Alex Le says: "While looking at the future, we thought about other people on mobile devices. Our original plan was to reuse Alien Blue and modernize it, but when we got down to it, we found it was faster to build a new foundation and bring it to 100 million people in the future."

The app promises a cleaner view of Reddit, and is an improvement on the desktop version itself. There's better menus and more, in a bid to simplify the whole process of wading through all that content. It seems Reddit are changing things slowly and surely, so the millions of people who have been using it thus far won't get spooked.

This is the internet though, and any slight change can see a flurry of bile and death threats.

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  • TMinfidel
    What about reddit is fun? By far the best, non IOS app out there.

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