Quite a few five-year-olds have their own mobiles

child with cellphone Even though they can barely wipe their own holes, nearly 10% of children as young as five have their own mobile phones, according to a study. On average, first mobiles are given to kids aged 11.

Apparently, parents spend an average £125 on their children's devices according to research from uSwitch and that 42% of parents surveyed don't monitor the amount their children spend on mobiles, with only 25% capping their kid's contracts.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at uSwitch, said: "I'd imagine that many parents have bought their kids smartphones just to stop them commandeering their own when bored."

"Asking networks to place caps on their mobile bills takes about five minutes and is a very sensible precaution, especially if your child has a data-hungry smartphone. Make sure that when they’re at home, your kids are browsing the web using wi-fi instead of consuming data by connecting to the internet via 3G or 4G."

It is little wonder children are running up giganto bills when they're playing games online. Maybe mobile vendors should start making special tariffs and phones for the youngsters out there, because the parents clearly can't be arsed doing anything.


  • chimichanga
    Our daughter has had a mobile since the age of 7 as a tracker / get in for your supper you little oik, scenarios & timely reminders when she was past check in times. Now she's progressed to a windows smartphone, no fear of her buying apps, it doesn't happen, as she's been grounded & taught not to be a typical greedy sod buying extra's for games, & other shiny virtual commodities that let you shit in all the colours of a zx-spunctrum & beyond. Same with our kindles, no "whoops" app purchases, it can be done via decent parenting & explanations as to consequences (& possibly a good slap on the bum & punishment). I'd question the parents stupidity before the kids, dumbass parents can't be arsed to teach responsibility, " theschool shud be lerning im stuff like that ani-ow's" or even limit the phone capability to the degree that so many phones have been capable of for years now. fucked up parent's = fucked up kids ...& so the cycle moves onward. If you have a kid it's your fucking responsibility first & foremost & your kids fuck ups perhaps show your own miserable failings as a grown up!
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