Quidco iPhone app offers cashback for check-ins

Bitterwallet - Quidco iPhone appQuidco have launched a free iPhone app (soon to be available on Android) that applies the practice of cashback to your local high street spending.

We'll get the disclaimer out the way immediately - Bitterwallet is part of the HUKD family of blogs; Paul Nikkel is a founder at HUKD and also a founder at Quidco.com. Regardless, if you're the frugal sort then it's worth having a play with this app, because it's packing a lot of features not seen elsewhere.

If you're already registered with Quidco, you can sign in immediately - if not, you'll need to create an account. Once signed in, there are three ways to earn or save money with the app;

• find nearby deals and offers at local retailers and restaurants

• register a credit or debit card and earn cashback on in-store purchases

• earn cashback for simply checking in at selected stores

There are dozens of apps that use geo-location to find offers and deals in your neighbourhood, but it's the other two features that set the app apart. Being able to earn cashback for physical transactions is an enormous boon, and cashback for check-ins isn't something we've seen before - attaching a monetary value to an activity sometimes considered pointless will get plenty of consumers interested.

There are limitations; the app won't replace use of the Quidco website, even though it tries. You can browse online cashback deals using the app, but then you're diverted to the website of the retailer in question. Unfortunately, most retailer sites aren't optimised for mobile phones, and trying to order anything through a fully-blown website on a mobile device is beyond tedious. A good idea would be a dedicated button to place a bookmark on your Quidco account, so you can easily find an offer once you're on a PC.

It'll also be interesting to see how much abuse the paid check-ins receive - while plenty of users may incorporate the check-ins into their shopping routine, there are bound to be others who spend their days checking into shops to rack up a free money without spending a penny in them. That said, the check-in radii are very tight - you can't check into a store from your bed like you often can with Foursquare or Facebook. Perhaps the lure of cash will generate enough additional foot traffic to make it worthwhile for retailers.

As an app, it's well designed and simple to use; maps and listings are clear although there are a few bugs to work out, with information being clipped or not displayed properly in places. Above all, it's offering something genuinely different to the local deal features offered by Facebook, Foursquare and Groupon; if it can convert its web users to mobile and avoid losing money to check-in abuse, this app could quickly establish itself as a worthy accessory for consumers.


  • Alex
    Never knew HUKD was so closely linked to quidco.
  • Issac M.
    Although this article ends with a nice jizz shot it actually misses a rather key piece of information which is value to the consumer. Or simply, a well designed app with no retailers does not equal a game changer. At last time of looking Quidco had only a dozen retailers signed up for instore cashback. Is there plans to expand? And how many checkins are available and at what rate? Allthough the HUKDr's might get excited at a 0.05p for a checkin, I wont be alterating my shopping habits for it.....
  • The B.
    I can use the TopCashback site on my Android browser, no problems whatsoever.
  • Dank
    Can't wait for the lads and lasses at TopCashBack to conjure up their own nifty little app. I'd rather fund terrorism than line Quidco's wallets quite frankly.
  • Flange
    Why do some people hate Quidco so much? Genuine question.
  • Paul S.
    The Real Bob - that wasn't the issue; the issue is that the third party retailers linked to by Quidco (or TCB) don't have optimised mobile sites, making it unlikely you'll purchase products through a handset. Dank - dickish remarks aside, I hope the TCB affiliate sign-ups are going well for you.
  • MrRobin
    I downloaded the app and have had a play with the features. Probably not going to change my shopping habits much with the current set of offers but it can only grow from here. I have no idea either why Quidco is hated... is it because of the 'outragous' £5 a year fee? Really? £5?! The odd declined cashback? I've had these and whilst they're annoying, they're not quidco's fault and it's hardly enough to produce such negative emotions when you didn't get the discount you thought you were going to get when you bought something you were going to buy anyway... you were going to buy these things anyway, right, Dank?
  • Dank
    Thanks Paul. I did notice that you've been a busy little Googler recently and tracked down my little corner of the Internet.
  • Dank
    MrRobin: my dislike of Quidco stems from the fact their level of service isn't a patch on what it used to be. When they first arrived on the scene I ranted and raved about them, telling everyone under the sun just how good they were and persuaded people that yep, they could "have a free lunch". As the years ticked by and their customer base increased I found their customer service to dwindle. I could reel off a whole list of cock-ups that I encountered and, after amassing £1,500+ through them, I had enough and didn't feel that the £5.00 'admin' fee was justifiable for what I was receiving. There are many cashback sites out there that offer the same rates as Quidco. I fail to see what their USP is these days, because it certainly isn't customer service.
  • MrRobin
    @Dank: OK fair enough, in your experience, Quidco is not as good as the other sites, and now that there are other players in the market you'd rather take your business elsewhere. That's a completely rational response... "I'd rather fund terrorism..." on the other hand is difficult to understand!
  • Damian
    "It’ll also be interesting to see how much abuse the paid check-ins receive..." Had a chat to the PR for Quidco and she told me users will be restricted to one cashback payment every fortnight (per store), or in some cases one a week.
  • Ross
    Hmm, reviews seem very mixed on the app store. Almost as if the "wow this is wonderful" brigade are reviewing the app en bloc. Call me cynical if you will but it does look a bit suspicious. I'll download it, give it a go and see what happens.
  • 5S S.
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