Quality before qauntity? Palm launches app development for Pre

Palm once said it had no interests in taking on Apple over the iPhone - the Pre will attract a different type of consumer, they said. So it'll be interesting to see not only how Palm markets the Pre once it reaches the UK in the Autumn, but what sort of apps will be available to buy for it. Yes, for a phone that isn't challenging the iPhone, they're doing a decent job of suggesting otherwise.

But then the Pre isn't the iPhone, is it? One key aspect of the handset's operating system is that it can run background apps, something the iPhone should be able to do, but can't. Gah. It's simple features like this that open up a whole new world of apps to developers, and now they have their chance to create them - the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Pre is now available. By the time the handset is available in the UK, the Pre App Catalogue should be rammed to the rim with apps.

What everyone is waiting to see, however, is whether Palm make a better job of managing their App Catalogue than Apple do of the App Store. Plenty of developers are considering giving up on Apple because of their inconsistencies in policy, the lack of communication and an endless list of problems and queries besides.

There's also a opportunity for Palm to better manage the type of content available. For example, will Palm filter submissions so that their catalogue doesn't fill up with 30 different shades of iFart? Some sort of quality threshold would be an ideal way to distinguish the App Catalogue, but that would potentially hurt Palm's profits - apps that appeal to the lowest common denominator can also sell very well. How brave will Palm be in the months to come?



  • The B.
    Odd then that Palm should want users to sync using iTunes by spoofing an iPod and that Apple have now blocked the sync so only iPhones/iPods can do it.
  • Steve
    There is an app available for jailbroken iPhones to run apps in the background, its called backgrounder.
  • numberwang
  • well w.
    it iphone could run things in the background if apple wanted , but they decided it would keep the iphone speedy if only the app you were using had all the memory. how many times have you had even widows slowing down due to to many apps running. If the pre wants to run background stuff i hope it has a better cpu and more memory that this will entail without it slowing down to the point where it's unusable
  • Jeezey
    Who are these "plenty of developers" who are "considering' giving up on Apple? they must be the ones that have slowed the flow of new apps in to the appstore to a mere trickle. Yup, I've checked; no new apps there atall, apple might as well shut up shop right now......
  • Ian R.
    "Odd then that Palm should want users to sync using iTunes by spoofing an iPod and that Apple have now blocked the sync so only iPhones/iPods can do it." only people with more money than sense use itunes - buy the CD ; its the same price as many of the downloads, its better qulaity and can be re-sold if you tire of the music Itunes is also a p*** awful app ..... so no loss if it won't run on the Pre ; in fact far better that it won't.......
  • Kevin
    Theres lots of developers that would like apps to run in the background, would slow down power usage for one thing but just as with other things it would take control away from Apple. Which in a way is fair enough. What I find amazing is that with all these iphone killers they have yet to create a graphical look that approaches anything like the quality of the iphone. The Tocco looks like it's using MS Paint!
  • Paul S.
    Who are these “plenty of developers” who are “considering’ giving up on Apple? There are big named developers who have sold millions of apps in some cases, frustrated that despite the universally-recognised failings with the store and the review process, Apple have done little, or in many cases, nothing whatsoever to tackle them.
  • Simon
    Names, Paul, names!

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