Profits from iPhone games to be donated to Japan disaster relief

football-manager-handheld-iphone-6If you’re thinking about investing in some new games for whichever Apple iDevice own but aren’t sure if you want to or not, perhaps the idea that you’ll be aiding victims of the Japanese disaster might help you make up your mind.

Over the last 24 hours, the makers of three games have announced that they’ll be donating their profits to the disaster relief effort. You could some iPunching and iKicking with Street Fighter IV for only i59p or maybe you’d like to pretend to be a little blue iHedgehog by playing the various Sonic games that are available.

Or, if your pockets are a bit deeper, splash out i£6.i99 on Football Manager Handheld (pictured) and pretend you’re an iManager of an iFootball team – a bit like the title of the game suggests.

Submit your misery-faced words of dissent in the box below, you pack of iWeasels.


  • Phil
    Or you could just give money directly?
  • Rb
    @disgraceful_foxes FYI, at least where Football Manager was concerned, no press release was done about this, it's been picked up by blogs like bitterwallet because it's a good deed. Nothing more.
  • Martin
    Well that's a nice little earner for Apple. 30% of all these charity donations should add up to a tidy sum.
  • Ben
    Japan needs money, Apple could decide not to give any money at all. The profits are going directly to Japan. Bunch of picky fuck heads.
  • Kevin
    Japan is the third largest economy in the world. Stop giving them money.

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