Price plans and deals revealed for iPhone4S

7 October 2011

iphone4sThe Apple iPhone 4S, which isn't exactly a great leap forward in... uh... anything, will be in the shops next week for you to gobble up.

But how much is it going to cost you?

Well, the Apple store will be flogging it for £499 for the 16GB model, the 32 GB version costing £599 and the 64GB device setting you back £699. Android users will be wondering why people are willing to spend so much on a handset.

Orange and T-Mobile have revealed their price plans.

You can get the phone with Orange (16GB) for free if you sign up for two years and spend £46 a month. T-Mobile are offering nearly the same deal, only they want you to spend £45.96 a month.

A two year contract with Vodafone is also priced at £46 while a 12 month contract is £51 a month plus £139 for the phone.

Based on a £20 per month two year contract from Orange, the 32 GB phone will cost £449, with the 64GB on the same contract setting to back £519.99. T-Mobile customers, the prices are different with the 32GB handset costing £379 and the 64GB asking you to fork out £449 if you commit to a 24 month deal costing £25.45 a month.

The Mirror report that Three are offering the 16GB iPhone 4S free with a two year £43 a month contract, with a £30 a month contract costing £129 upfront for the handset. The 32 GB costs £90 upfront on a £43 a month two year contract. The 64GB handset costs £180 upfront on a £43 a month contract or £309 on a £30 a month deal.

However, there are deals to be had. If you don't mind having a Vodafone contract, then QuidCo have a handful of deals that could well interest you. Click here to see them.


  • Yodhe
    I honestly can't believe how much they are asking for a phone, no wonder the whole economic system is collapsing. Of I forgot, it's all about fashion, f**k the kiddies starving in Africa/Asia/America etc....
  • Richard
    How exactly will selling it a £100 cheaper help the starving kiddies?
  • Yodhe
    Who said anything about making it £100 cheaper, how about not making it all, and using the resources for better things. But wait I forget what will the fashionistas do, when they can't show off their latest lifestyle gadget. But the pricing and manufacture of the device are pretty much indicative of everything that has led us into this economic miracle we seem to be experiencing.
  • youpayhowmuch h.
    Fuck me £51 notes a month for a private phone - honestly - am I missing something here. id want some fucker to take/ respond my calls and carry the thing around after me for that much. I just dont get this obsession with the iphone - i used one for 10 minutes and wanted to slam it against a wall - as for itunes - on a PC are you fucking mental - more than 1 apple device - you must be a patiant soul.
  • oliverreed
    Best part of 1k on a phone over two years? Amazing.
  • catweazle
    £499 for a fecking phone!!!, I got a Sony TV with 3D capability for same price.
  • maxtweenie
    Obviously comes with the new iCrook app that automatically drains your bank account for two years.
  • Martin
    If you can afford it you are helping the economy! If you can't and borrow the money you are a moron. Noone is making you buy these things ffs!
  • george
    We all know price of phone is inversely proportional to income. I always see freaks who work in supermarkets stacking shelves with iphones and people with more sensible jobs with mid priced phones!

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