Pre will be exclusive to O2 - Palm's best (and only) choice

Despite the fact the iPhone has been scientifically proven by scientists to be much better than any other smartphone, some people just won't accept the facts. You can't argue with science, folks - it puts the sun in the sky and the beat in your heart, and it says the iPhone rocks.

You may disagree, of course. Like Creationists, you may choose to deny the science and live without the Jesus Phone. Yes, the iPhone does in fact prove the existence of God. No, there are no contradictions in those last two statements. Be quiet. So what are you going to do for a smartphone, then? You're going to buy the Palm Pre, which is edging ever closer to these shores on a slow boat across the oceans.

Bitterwallet - the Palm Pre will launch on O2

It turns out the Pre enjoyed a modestly decent debut, selling over 300,000 handsets in the US in just a fortnight; not quite as spectacular as the iPhone 3GS shifting over a million units in three days, but then Palm hardly has the profile of Apple. And there's news on a service provider for the Pre in the UK - it's expected that Palm will this week confirm O2 have exclusive rights to sell the handset in this country.

Given the importance of the Pre to Palm's future - it's widely regarded as the company's last-gasp attempt to stay in business - it may seem a bizarre choice to hand it to O2. While the service provider currently has the largest share of the market by revenue, it'll be difficult for O2 to aggressively market an iPhone rival without harming their own sales. Perhaps Palm should have awarded the deal to Orange who, according to the Guardian, were biting Palm's hand off for it?

But pitching Orange against O2 could have been even more disastrous for Palm; O2 could have went to town with the iPhone and sunk the Pre. At least this way, by effectively placing the Pre in the hands of the enemy, O2 is accountable and can't attack it - O2 will be forced to manage the competition between the two products, perhaps to Palm's advantage and Apple's detrement.

How will O2 market the Pre, exactly? Well, given Palm's history and Pre features such as a physical keyboard, it's possible O2 will target business users rather than the masses attracted to the iPhone. Still no word on a UK launch date, but expect it sometime in the Autumn.



  • The S.
    Does it have a compass?...didn't think so.
  • Bill B.
    @The Spag Yes, it does. You grab a Sharpie, draw an up arrow and the word "Forward" on it, point it in the direction you want to go, and walk.
  • Tom P.
    Looks ok, but not exactly a punnany puller like the iPhone.
  • Micky
    HTC Hero please.
  • G R.
    What are Orange up to? They have the mos t out of date phones ever!!
  • Barry B.
    I like turtles.
  • Jimmy
    @Tom "not exactly a punnany puller like the iPhone" So, you can pick-up more chicks with an iPhone?
  • Paul N.
    There's an app for that.
  • Paddy
    Palm are shit. All hail the Iphone!
  • Andy T.
    Iphone fanboys. Seriously.
  • John
    Simple fact for the purposes of science - any proper smartphone should have multitasking as do most smartphones...aside from the Iphone
  • Tom
    palm is for nerds and business folk
  • Tom P.
    "Posted by Paul Nikkel | July 2nd, 2009 at 8:37 pm There’s an app for that." All hail, for the founder of Quigco has spoken, i have reclaimed £750 which would have gone to the BAD capitalist scum, who would nick your V-fronts if you gave them a the Vestal Virgins, he deserves respek Just to keep it real, my friend Garry is shorter than me, is fatter than me, sports a "Saddam" mustache (70's porno stylee), has a smaller knob than me (only caught a glimpse in the rugby club showers). I have an iPod touch, yet he owns an iPhone 3gs and the HOT babes are all over him….so it’s iPhone all the way baby.
  • SimbaK2K
    @Tom What do you call surfing the internet and listen to the ipod function? the iPhone has multi tasking just not for 3rd party apps.
  • Will
    The bad thing about O2 picking up the Pre is that they probably wont be price competitive. O2 probably aren't going to make the Pre any cheaper than the iPhone, for fear of losing valuable iPhone sales. And the iPhone is a rip-off.
  • Digit
    "modestly decent debut, selling over 300,000 handsets" - Fact is they sold all they could make, if they had a million in stock they would have sold them all!
  • Anon
    iPhone is for stupid pricks that want to act clever. Anyone who has an ounce of *technical* intelligence will know the iPhone is not really a smartphone, nor is it worth the money. Android OS is far better, and Symbian is even better - and it will be even more better once it is rolled out as open source later this year and we can stop Nokia from screwing us over and not giving us the features we want. Palm OS is good, but the phone looks crap.
  • Palm B.
    [...] has signed an exclusive UK distribution deal with O2 - a smart move for Palm since it ensures O2 won’t market the iPhone too aggressively against it, although that decision made a little more sense before the rumours about T-Mobile and Orange [...]
  • 1000 B.
    [...] decent indeed. And as we’ve discussed in the past, Palm have made the right move in allowing O2 to pick up exclusive distribution rights in the UK - that’ll prevent O2 from savaging the Pre to increase sales of the iPhone, which O2 also [...]
  • Palm B.
    [...] As our Paul said a couple of months ago, it’s going to be fascinating to see how O2 handle the fact that they’ve got exclusives on two competing smartphones, particularly as it’s widely believed that the Pre has to be a success if Palm is to survive. Maybe they’ll pick up disgruntled iPhone early adopters who want to try something new. [...]
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