Possibly the worst thing you will ever, ever see

WARNING: The following video clip may cause you to start feverishly detesting the people in it, the iPhone, Apple, and perhaps even life itself.

We just had to sit through this a bit earlier so there’s no reason why you lot shouldn’t have to endure it as well. Share the pain and all that. It’s borne out of Halloween and in particular, Americans’ mania for dressing up for the occasion, seemingly dressing up as anything just for the hell of it.

So there’s this complete bell end then, and he’s got an iPhone costume on. But there’s more – it’s got an actual LCD screen and he’s hooked it up to his own iPhone so it looks as though the costume is a fully operational iPhone.

But it isn’t really. It’s just some smug wanker and his mate prancing about like a couple of absolute tits. Fucking despicable.

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  • Joe
    WTS [iPhone4]
  • zleet
    He looks knackered for most of it and it would need mains power so it's not exactly portable. Bird was fit though.
  • zleet
    I stand corrected it uses a battery so it's just unwieldy and makes you look like a smug prick. Bird is still fit.
  • SysOp
    Only n00bs use iPhones.
  • The M.
    Hopefully he`ll set it to vibrate and it`ll break his spine.
  • eva
    The perfect definition of the word 'Twunt'
  • The G.
    Doesn't he look like that annoying singer James Cunt..! Sorry force of habit, Blunt?
  • DragonChris
    iFag right there.
  • shinkyshonky
    how do ya know some twat has a iphone.... because they tell you
  • Greeneyes
    You know people who are jealous of Iphone users...they can't afford one.
  • Brad
    Greeneyes, How heavy is that costume? is it hard to walk round in?
  • npfiii
    I seriously want the cunt to fall forwards...
  • Duhg
    That's awesome. Don't blame the guy for looking knackered though, going out wearing a TV must be pretty demanding.
  • Slacker
    Where's the dickhead from a few posts ago who was defending iShite and blathering on about how buying it didn't make you a cunt etc.? I don't suppose he's read this :D
  • PokeHerPete
    For some reason the guy doesn't bother me that much, its the woman with the shitty iPod classic round her next. Is she from 2005 or something?
  • Shirty M.
    I just want to punch him hard
  • Andrew
    If this is the "worst thing you'll ever see" ... you obviously aint seen 2 girls 1 cup

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