Poll: Do you jailbreak your iPhone?

TechRadar ran a blog listing ten reasons to jailbreak your iPhone on Friday drawing some ire as well affirmation. We'd have to say about nine of the reasons are weak but being able to use the iPhone as a tethered modem is essential (it's shameful Apple banned NetShare from the app store).

So here's a quick poll for Bitterwallet readers. Considering the app store has stolen a lot of thunder from Cydia/Installer and the inability to soft unlock 3G, do you still jailbreak your iPhone?

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  • Paul S.
    I used to jailbreak my Touch until the Apps Store launched. Now there's no point whatsoever. I can fill it with crap from the Apps Store and pay, too. It's like I'm blessed, or something.
  • simonb
    i have done my old iphone so i can use it on orange payg. Got it when they were selling them off just before the new one came out. i cant get data on mine though which is a pity.
  • andy y.
    Sack the Sunday Guy @ bitterwallet.C,mon we've got plastic bag eating pigs , a zillion unemployed,Clarkson calling teh end of days,£10.99 bioshock for Xbox360,crank caller almost launches nuclear attack on india..Surely there's something there to work into a piece.Nope we have iphone unlocking ..the moral maze with modem netapps. Oh I see the Sunday guy is the boss. Well you're crap mate
  • Paul N.
    Isn't Sunday when they always play the crappy reruns? ;) The bioshock controller sounds good... We're supposed to have a consumer angle :D
  • Mike H.
    Plastic bag eatin' pigs?! Cool! Whats this about unemployment? Sounds borin to me...
  • Mike H.
    If I had an iPhone, (I haven't because I'm not in 'sales' and don't own an Audi/BMW) and I knew what the feck jailbreaking my iPhone was, then I perhaps would. Now lets look at Q4 matrix figures and 'touch-base' over G&T's with an iPhone conference call hey chaps? (losers)
  • Steven
    I'm 23, I don't own a car and I'm not in sales. I do know what jailbreaking is, and I own an iPhone. It is not jailbroken, no real necessity to do so.
  • Mike H.
    Or you could've just clicked the lil' 'No' radio button, but ta anyways dude.
  • Irony F.
    'Or you could’ve just clicked the lil’ ‘No’ radio button, but ta anyways dude.'
  • Chris
    Damn straight I've jailbroken it. Much better stuff available.
  • Ryan B.
    My ipod 1G is my primary iPod, Personal digital assistant and alot more, and has happen to be day that I recieved it. It still function the recent iPod system software, and also any application I need it to run. I'm using it to post this remark at the moment. I would point out you'll find it a lot more compared to simply an "excellent hobbyist system" -- you'll find it an excellent iPod
  • Derrick D.
    Ill be so happy when I get my ipad and get it jail broken, apparently its supposed to be ten times better then anything apple has put out before.

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