phones4u come clean about their grubby Christmas promotion

Those wacky guys at phones4u, eh? A couple of days ago they redressed their website with some half-arsed Viz style doodlings of Father Christmas and dead turkeys, in keeping with the Yuletide spirit:

What could possibly be their thinking behind it? Didn't they realise how amateurish it made the site look? Well apparently, they did. That was their plan! Don't you see? We know this because a Bitterwallet reader complained about the images featured on the phones4u website and promptly received a reply. Except the reply wasn't intended for them:


Well I got about another 70 e-mails to go through so Im guessing a few qill [sic] be about the web page. Seems like a success as people are e-mailing in and I bet they aretaking [sic] about it.

Please can you copy me in the reply



It was followed by a furious attempt to recall the message as the member of staff realised their mistake, and sometime later a further email that was intended for its recipient:

In keeping with the rest of our 'Great Deals 4 Popular People' advertising campaign we have decided to use some tongue-in-cheek and light-hearted imagery on our website and in our stores to support our seasonal promotions this year. This imagery will continue to change throughout the campaign to keep it fresh and interesting.

The aim of the campaign is to engage with our target audience of 16-24 year-olds and reinforce our unique tone of voice through fun, anti-kitsch advertising that challenges the stereotypical portrayal of the holidays you see on the high street.

The imagery used on our website, our current advertising, and point of sale material is meant to be humorous and entertaining and not meant to be taken seriously. We are by no means insulting religion, hence the use of snowmen, reindeer, turkeys etc

We apologise if it has caused any offense.

Kind regards,

Chloe Farrow
Phones 4u Press Office

Of course it's all very well getting people talking about your brand, and if phones4u wants customers to know theirs is cheap and grubby, and their phones are only good for lager-swilling twats who tattoo their own names on their necks, then their marketing team have excelled themselves. Cheers!


  • Jeffrey A.
    Mis-sent emails. GG I once told somebody purely accidentally (honest) to take it up the arse. They wouldn't let me recall that one, either...
  • Junkyard
    Moderation? Is that because I used two swearwords in the same post? Or the fact I used a word of more than three syllables?
  • Jeffrey A.
    @Jeffrey Archer That was more of a recommendation, from experience, rather than an general suggestion though, wasn't it, my tight-anus-challenged friend.
  • Jeffrey A.
    @Junkyard. If you're a good boy, they let you say what the cunting fuck-fisting-shit you want. BOLLOCKS TWAT!
  • Jeffrey A.
    @Junkyard - its because your mum fucks groups of old people for fun and profit. They don't like your sort round here. @Jeffrey Arser - Don't knock it till you've tried it. As my old boss used to say, you're not a man till you've fucked a man.
  • The B.
    Who cares, it's phones for you, the phone provider for the terminally gullible.
  • Rich
    Personally I think that phones4u are the biggest pile of dog shite I have ever come across, they have customer services on par with Nazi Germany in the 1940's and in the stores themselves the staff don't see customers walking in they see £ signs and pigeons and that is the reason why you get cheap nasty handsets over priced and when they inevitably fuck up you have no help at all!
    I'd actually rather rid the world of phones4u than hitler.
  • Steve
    Yeah I've fallen foul of the mis-sent email as well. After a night of non sleeping I sent an email to the person I was actually emailing about saying that he was doing my bloody head and that I was gonna take him out the back and pummel his face in if he spoke to me once more. The rest of the day was spent in awkward silence. Needless to say the attempt at recall failed, since then I've never recalled an email sent in error because then it just shows the recipient that you had sent it error. I'd rather they thought of me as an arrogant prick than a clumsy idiot.
  • Steve
    @ Rich The customer service in 1940's Nazi Germany was quite good actually. How dare you drag them down to Phones4U level.
  • Hilly
    Doesn't help when you send a text to the lass you've just shagged (meant for a mate) saying that you've finally managed to nail her either...
  • Sing B.
    I agree wholeheartedly with Abbas, it has me talking about how shit the campaign is...
  • NobbyB
    If they want people talking, why not have an animated gif of santa raping an elf or a reindeer. Or taking a shit in a phones4u box, and posting it to a customer.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Nobbyb - "If they want people talking, why not have an animated gif of santa raping an elf or a reindeer. Or taking a shit in a phones4u box, and posting it to a customer." If they really want people talking, fuck animated gifs, they should actually just do it.
  • andy y.
  • Rich
    @Steve I totally agree with you & I'm sorry to the customer services of 1940's Nazi Germany.
  • rob
    one of my great missions in life is to oversee the downfall of phones4u. they are easily slimiest, most obnoxiously irritating company i have ever encountered.

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