Periscope - now on Android

periscope Apple users have been able to enjoy live-streaming app, Periscope, for a couple of months and now, Android-havers can get in on the action too. Not that anyone is really using the apps and knows what they can share with the world through it... but there you go.

Anyway, the Android version is pretty much identical to the iOS counterpart, but with a few minor tweaks. Either way, Periscope is now out and about and has caught up with its rival, Meerkat. The main difference is the method in which you broadcast. iOS uses a central tab, while the Android users have a floating button at the bottom right, which is in-line with the Google's Material Design mantra.

The Android version also gives more control over the app, as you can control push notifications. That means, when someone follows you back, shares a broadcast or whatever, you can get in the settings and control how you're notified of these things. The best bit of this version is that you can return to a broadcast via a banner in the notifications if you want to go and use some other apps.

The Periscope team say: "As a small startup, our initial launch was limited to just iOS, but we've been working really hard to craft an experience that feels special on Android, yet still unmistakably Periscope."

So there you go. Now you can broadcast yourself making a round of toast or talking endlessly about your problems, to literally tens of people. Tally ho! Up Periscope!


  • DragonChris
    Legit question - What is the point of periscope? I have only heard about this recently, is it like video snapchat, or instagram or something?
  • kevinjmccann
    @DC I think it is like face time but with followers? so yeh like video snapchat/instagram but live?
  • DragonChris
    Thanks Kevin, I must be getting old and missing the new fads. Doesn't sound like something I'd be interested in though, having never used snapchat or instagram LOL.

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